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Sl No Title of paper Name of the author/s Name of journal Indexed InScopus / WOS/Pub Med / ICI / Non Scopus ISSN number
1 Experimental investigation of pomegranate oil methyl ester in ceramic coated engine at different operating condition in direct injection diesel engine with energy and exergy analysis Karthickeyan V., Thiyagarajan S., Ashok B., Edwin Geo V., Azad A.K. Energy Conversion and Management WOS 1968904
2 A compressive review on the effects of alcohols and nanoparticles as an oxygenated enhancer in compression ignition engine Nanthagopal K., Kishna R.S., Atabani A.E., AlMuhtaseb A.H., Kumar G., Ashok B. Energy Conversion and Management WOS 1968904
3 An assessment on injection pressure and timing to reduce emissions on diesel engine powered by renewable fuel Karthic S.V., Senthil Kumar M., Nataraj G., Pradeep P. Journal of Cleaner Production WOS 9596526
4 Engine's behavior on hydrogen addition of waste cooking oil fueled light duty diesel engine - A dual fuel approach Raju P., Masimalai S.K., Ganesan N., Karthic S.V. Energy WOS 3605442
5 Emission reduction in CI engine using biofuel reformulation strategies through nano additives for atmospheric air quality improvement Sheriff S.A., Kumar I.K., Mandhatha P.S., Jambal S.S., Sellappan R., Ashok B., Nanthagopal K. Renewable Energy WOS 9601481
6 A study on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of diesel engine powered by nano-emulsion of waste orange peel oil biodiesel Kumar A.M., Kannan M., Nataraj G. Renewable Energy WOS 9601481
7 Validation of performance and emissions of a CI engine fueled with calophyllum inophyllum methyl esters using soft computing technique Saravanakumar L., Prakash R. Fuel WOS 162361
8 Experimental study on the effect of cetane improver with turpentine oil on CI engine characteristics Jeevanantham A.K., Madhusudan Reddy D., Goyal N., Bansal D., Kumar G., Kumar A., Nanthagopal K., Ashok B. Fuel WOS 162361
9 Effect of manifold injection of methanol/n-pentanol in safflower biodiesel fuelled CI engine Thiyagarajan S., Sonthalia A., Edwin Geo V., Prakash T., Karthickeyan V., Ashok B., Nanthagopal K., Dhinesh B. Fuel WOS 162361
10 Vibration analysis of the multi-walled carbon nanotube reinforced doubly curved laminated composite shallow shell panels: An experimental and numerical study Subramani M., Ramamoorthy M. Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials WOS 15307972
11 On the numerical modelling and analysis of multi-directional functionally graded composite structures: A review Ghatage P.S., Kar V.R., Sudhagar P.E. Composite Structures WOS 2638223
12 Novel welding of Al0.5CoCrFeNi highentropy alloy: Corrosion behavior Sokkalingam R., Sivaprasad K., Duraiselvam M., Muthupandi V., Prashanth K.G. Journal of Alloys and Compounds WOS 09258388
13 Study of conjugate heat transfer from the impingement of an inclined free slot jet onto the moving hot surface Pawar S., Patel D.K International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer WOS 7351933
14 Augmented heat transfer by hybrid thermosyphon assisted thermal energy storage system for electronic cooling Kannan K.G., Kamatchi R. Journal of Energy Storage WOS 2352152X
15 Microstructure and mechanical integrity relationship of PDC weld joints involving dissimilar marine grade alloys K. D.R., Pranav N.P., Sai B., D. A., Christin S.V Journal of Manufacturing Processes WOS 15266125
16 Numerical investigation on the effect of flow field and landing to channel ratio on the performance of PEMFC Selvaraj A.S., Rajagopal T.K.R. International Journal of Energy Research WOS 1099114x
17 Enhanced Channel Division Method for Estimation of Discharge in Meandering Compound Channe Mohanta A., Patra K.C., Pradhan A. Water Resources Management WOS 15731650
18 Suppression of Sommerfeld effect in a non-ideal discrete rotor system with fractional order external damping Jha A.K., Dasgupta S.S European Journal of Mechanics, A/Solids WOS 9977538
19 Investigation of machinability characteristics and comparative analysis under different machining conditions for sustainable manufacturing Venkatesan K., Devendiran S., Sachin D., Swaraj J. Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation WOS 2632241
20 Surface roughness evaluation of electrical discharge machined surfaces using wavelet transform of speckle line images Mahashar Ali J., Siddhi Jailani H., Murugan M. Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation WOS 2632241
21 Detection of flood disaster system based on IoT, big data and convolutional deep neural network Anbarasan M., Muthu B., Sivaparthipan C.B., Sundarasekar R., Kadry S., Krishnamoorthy S., Samuel R.D.J., Dasel A.A Computer Communications WOS 1403664
22 Thermal and cost analysis of various air filled double glazed reflective windows for energy efficient buildings Kirankumar G., Saboor S., Vali S.S., Mahapatra D., Talanki Puttaranga Setty A.B., Kim K.-H. Journal of Building Engineering WOS 23527102
23 Gene-expression programming for the assessment of surface mean pressure coefficient on building surfaces Mallick M., Mohanta A., Kumar A., Patra K.C. Building Simulation WOS 19968744
24 Nonlinear bending of porous curved beams reinforced by functionally graded nanocomposite graphene platelets applying an efficient shear flexible finite element approach Anirudh B., Ben Zineb T., Polit O., Ganapathi M., Prateek G. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics WOS 207462
25 Parameter optimization and texture evolution in single point incremental sheet forming process Basak S., Prasad K.S., Mehto A., Bagchi J., Ganesh Y.S., Mohanty S., Sidpara A.M., Panda S.K. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture WOS 20412975
26 Critical insight into biowaste-derived biocatalyst for biodiesel production Alrobaian A., Rajasekar V., Alagumalai A. Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy WOS 19447450
27 Prediction of Wind-Induced Mean Pressure Coefficients Using GMDH Neural Network Mallick M., Mohanta A., Kumar A., Charan Patra K. Journal of Aerospace Engineering WOS 19435525
28 The Impingement Heat Transfer Data of Inclined Jet in Cooling Applications: A Review Pawar S., Patel D.K Journal of Thermal Science WOS 1993033X
29 Synthesis of magnesium aluminate spinel nanocrystallites by coprecipitation as function of pH and temperature Viswanathan T., Pal S., Rahaman A Sadhana - Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences WOS 9737677
30 Experiment and numerical investigation on optimal distribution of discrete ICs for different orientation of substrate board Mathew V.K., Hotta T.K International Journal of Ambient Energy Scopus 21628246
31 Experimental Investigation and Parametric Optimization on Hole Quality Assessment During Drilling of CFRP/GFRP/Al Stacks Janakiraman A., Pemmasani S., Sheth S., Kannan C., Balan A.S.S Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series C Scopus 22500553
32 Fostering systematic eco-innovation in an industrial symbiosis environment using DEMATEL Jayakrishna K., Vimal K.E.K., Vibha M., Jain S., Kulatunga A.K. International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering Scopus 17485045
33 Powder additives influence on dielectric strength of EDM fluid and material removal Jeavudeen S., Jailani H.S., Murugan M. International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials Scopus 1748572X
34 Investigations of hot corrosion resistance of HVOF coated Fe based superalloy A-286 in simulated gas turbine environment Muthu S.M., M A. Engineering Failure Analysis WOS 13506307
35 Dynamic analysis of laminated composite sandwich beam containing carbon nanotubes reinforced magnetorheological elastomer Selvaraj R., Ramamoorthy M. Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials WOS 15307972
36 Transient numerical analysis of thermophoresis and particle dynamics in a nanofluid – pool boiling conditions Karthikeyan C.P., Kalpana G., Krishnamoorthy V., Samuel A.A. Journal of Molecular Liquids WOS 1677322
37 Immobilization of Cu3(btc)2 on graphene oxide-chitosan hybrid composite for the adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue Samuel M.S., Suman S., Venkateshkannan, Selvarajan E., Mathimani T., Pugazhendhi A Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology WOS 10111344
38 Realizing a novel friction stir processing-enabled FWTPET process for strength enhancement using firefly and pso methods Kumaran S.S., Kaliappan J., Srinivasan K., Hu Y.-C., Padmanaban S., Srinivasan N. Materials WOS 19961944
39 IOT based wearable sensor for diseases prediction and symptom analysis in healthcare sector Muthu B.A., Sivaparthipan C.B., Manogaran G., Sundarasekar R., Kadry S., Shanthini A., Dasel A Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications WOS 19366450
40 Nanocellulose-based polymer composites for energy applications—A review Lasrado D., Ahankari S., Kar K. Journal of Applied Polymer Science WOS 10974628
41 On the static and dynamic stability of spherical sandwich shell panels with viscoelastic material core and laminated composite face sheets under uniaxial and biaxial harmonic excitations Biswal D.K., Mohanty S.C. Acta Mechanica WOS 16196937
42 FE simulation for stress distribution and surface deformation in Ti-6Al-4V induced by interaction of multi scale laser shock peening parameters G R.K., G R. Optik WOS 304026
43 Fabrication and Experimental Investigation on Deformation Behaviour of AlSi10Mg Foam-Filled Mild Steel Tubes Rajak D.K., Mahajan N.N., Selvaraj S.K. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals WOS 9751645
44 Dendrite Morphological Analysis on SMA, GMA, and PGMA Welding of Dissimilar 304LN Austenitic Stainless Steel and Micro-alloyed Steel Rajamurugan G., Ghosh P.K., Prabu K., Dinesh D., Vinukumar S.M. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals WOS 9751645
45 Performance analysis of different turbulence models in impinging jet cooling Pawar S., Patel D.K. International Journal of Modern Physics C WOS 17936586
46 Analytical Solution for Large Deflection of Multilayered Composite Cantilever Beams with Interlayer Slip Rajendran L., Mathew A.T. Iranian Journal of Science and Technology - Transactions of Mechanical Engineering WOS 23641835
47 A novel design of compliant forceps with serpentine flexures George B L., Bharanidaran R Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering Scopus 22042253
48 Modelling and outcome analysis of a competitive environment – A probabilistic approach Sreerag C., Srinivas M.N., Murty A.V.S.N. Journal of King Saud University - Engineering Sciences Scopus 10183639
49 Thermodynamic simulation of CO2- Adsorbent based sorption refrigeration system Syed S.N., Sharma V.K FME Transactions Scopus 2406128X
50 Modelling of sharing networks in the circular economy Jayakumar J., Jayakrishna K., K.E.K V., Hasibuan S. Journal of Modelling in Management Scopus 17465664
51 Enhancement of mechanical properties of alloy steel by GTAW with different purge/shielding gases Britto Joseph G., John Rajan A., Murugesan G., Prabhakaran R., Jeevahan J., Mageshwaran G. FME Transactions Scopus 2406128X
52 Surface mechanical attrition treatment of low modulus Ti-Nb-Ta-O alloy for orthopedic applications Acharya S., Panicker A.G., Gopal V., Dabas S.S., Manivasagam G., Suwas S., Chatterjee K. Materials Science and Engineering C WOS 9284931
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