KL Racing


KI Racing is a SAE BAJA team based in VIT University, Vellore. We are a bunch of creative engineering minds with the aim of taking the team to the topmost step of the podium. The team competes in the BAJA SAE Collegiate design series. Our job is to design and build a prototype of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).  About 30 undergraduate engineering students combine their skills and create a one-off design to be showcased in front of the whole world.

Building an ATV is definitely not a one-day wonder, it requires extensive stretches of commitment and a strong affirmation. The speculations we learn in school rouses us to apply them in building genuine race ATV Vehicle. We stretch out our days to 18 hours and unlimited night hours in the workshop to bring life to our vehicle. We construct our ATV starting with no outside help – appropriate from conceptualization, structure, producing lastly entering the testing stage which is a standout amongst the most vital parts of our arrangement.

The team aims to provide exposure to all its members and thus participates in two reputed events that take place in USA and India respectively.



  • Overall 26th rank at BAJA Student India.
  • Completed 16 Endurance laps.


  • Entitled as "Titans of Asia"
  • Secured 54th position out of 120 teams in BAJA SAE held at Oregon, USA
  • 28th rank in cost report at BAJA SAE Oregon, USA


  • 8th rank in acceleration event at BAJA Student India
  • 6th rank in Sales Presentation at BAJA Student India
  • 65th out of total 160 teams in the competition


  • 3rd rank in Sales Presentation at Enduro Student India
  • 4th rank in Cost Event at Enduro Student India
  • 5th rank in Endurance Event at Enduro Student India
  • 7th rank at Design Presentation at Enduro Student India
  • 6th rank overall


  • 67th overall out of 110 teams at BAJA SAE Oregon
  • 53rd in Manoeuvrability
  • 50th in cost event
  • 53rd in design
  • Successfully completed all the static and dynamic events.