Team Curtiss

Team Curtiss R/C

We are an Aero-modelling team, under the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in VIT. The primary objective of our Team is to design and fabricate Fixed-wing RC planes, which we take to competitions across the Nation. A Striking feature, that separates us from other Aero-teams is that We at Curtiss R/C will teach our members how to Pilot R/C planes and drones. We have produced one of finest R/C pilots that the University has seen



  • 2016 :
    • 1st  position in SAE Aerodominator in VIT
  • 2017 : 
    • 1st position in IDRL held in Nagpur
    • 2nd position in SAE Aerodominator
  • 2018 : 
    • 2nd Position in the Country in SAE ADC, with the highest payload in the competition
    • 3rd position in SAE Aerodominator
  • 2019 : 
    Heartfelt Congratulations to Team Curtiss R/C for winning the first position for their aircraft ‘YETI’ in the ‘Technical Presentation and Inspection” category in the IAAA Aircraft Building Competition 2019, a national level aero-design competition, held at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Patia, Bhubaneswar.