Team Flying Inc

Team Flying Inc

“You have never seen an aircraft until you have seen its shadow from the sky”. We at Flying Inc. are a group of aero enthusiasts united by the passion of designing aircrafts and together we fulfill the passion of Howard Hughes, the will of Wright brothers and a desire to prove the same.

A mélange of design, technology and ingenuity where both creativity and innovation come together, we instill high standards of technicality and willpower into our designs through our dedicated team members.

Being the oldest Aero-design team in VIT formed in 2011, Team Flying INC has designed and fabricated aircrafts of different sizes and continued its tradition of Flying High and raising the bar of excellence in the field of aviation.

Primarily taking part in the SAE Collegiate Series organized by Lockheed Martin, Flying INC. is renowned for its creative designs and innovative techniques incorporated into every one of its prototypes and reflected into our achievements.

We dream, we dare and we fly….for if it wasn’t for dreams, man would be still walking on the ground.


  • 1st(Asia-Pacific region) in Presentation Round, Dallas, US, 2013
  • 3rd in Design Report, Atlanta, US, 2014 
  • 15th in overall SAE aero-design East, 2013
  • Presented a research paper on ‘Green Aviation’ in ERA conducted by
  • 1st in India and 2nd in Asia pacific, SAE Aerodesign 2015 overall