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Team Kshatriya



    Dream doesn’t become reality by magic it takes sweat, determination, hard work and experience.

    Team Kshatriya, SAE Baja Team, found in 2006 by a group of aspiring auto enthusiasts from VIT Vellore. We are a team of engineers who seek to enhance the learning experience and allure engineering talent for the Indian Automobile industry. It is a team fuelled by desire, one that has grown in strength ever since its inception.

    Driven by alacrity and passion, the team designs and builds an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and participates every year in one of the biggest inter-collegiate engineering events, BAJA SAE India. What defines us is our legacy of 12 long years in BAJA racing. The team has been competing at BAJA SAE-INDIA events since 2007 and has always been able to turn heads in the competition.

    At Kshatriya we believe that learning from our mistakes along with team work, dedication, and focus makes us who we are. We always keep on striving for more improvements to explore our fullest potential. Our mission is to take engineering to new levels by emphasizing on innovation and extensive testing in practical scenarios. With our constant efforts to develop learning outcomes and impart training to undergraduates, Team Kshatriya has been recognized to receive the esteemed “Global Giving International Grant Program” from Ford Motors. We are one of the very few selected entities globally to be associated with this programme.

    We started with the objective of bringing together those brains which are diligently working on a myriad of inventive technologies, and to provide them with a forum for free exchange of ideas and expose them to the latest innovations in terms of automotive engineering.



    BAJA SAE 2019

    • 11th Sales Presentation.
    • 13th Cost Presentation 12th Rock Crawl
    • 13th Manoeuvrability
    • 27th Overall

    BAJA SAE 2018

    • 3rd Manoeuvrability
    • 4th Design Presentation
    • 2nd ADWIN video contest
    • 5th in business presentation
    • 29th overall

    BAJA SAE 2017

    • 3rd Manoeuvrability
    • 3rd Design Presentation
    • 5th Sled Pull
    • 6th overall

    BAJA SAE 2016

    • 5th Design presentation
    • 6th Static Evaluation
    • 7th Hill Climbing
    • 7th overall

    BAJA SAE 2015

    • 3rd Sales Presentation
    • 3rd Hill Climb
    • 5th Endurance Race
    • 3rd Overal