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Centre for NanoBiotechnology (CNBT)

The Centre for NanoBiotechnology was established (CNBT) in 2009 to carry out interdisciplinary research in nanobiotechnology domain. The leading area of the centre includes nanotoxicology, nanomedicine, nanosensors, nanoaquaculture, nanobiosynthesis, environmental nanobiotechnology and many other related research areas. In addition, the centre conducts various national and international level workshops and other training programmes for the students and faculties. The centre undertakes research and development projects from various agencies and offers consultancy services to industries and research organizations in India and abroad. CNBT has six core faculties and more than 40 research scholars and project associates. In addition, the centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facility for the toxicological evaluation of a variety of nanomaterials and their environmental risk assessment. It houses various characterization facilities which are highly useful for the nanomaterials synthesis and applications.