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Academic Staff College (ASC)

ASC is a growing international center for updated training and development of Human resources in academics. The Centre has been a model for the other training centers in the country with advanced training modules and state of the art technology and has a Microteaching laboratory to enhance the teaching skills and classroom performance of the faculty. The Academic Staff College (ASC) serves as a central training facility to enrich VIT's faculty members and staff in tune with the requirements of the University to match the current global market needs/Trends. ASC offers Faculty Development Programs on Pedagogy, Instructional Design, Methods and Media, Evaluation Techniques as well as programs to enrich soft skills and subject knowledge of the faculty members.

ASC trains faculty members in using modern technology and multimedia applications for enriched learning towards MOOCs video lectures, lesson broadcasts through radio and for offering online courses on the internet. It has professional associations with Wipro, TCS, Infosys, IISc, IITs and NITTTR (Chennai) for conducting training programs for the faculty members. ASC has set up a Mission 10X Concept Centre with state-of the-art Multi-Media facilities in collaboration with WIPRO Technologies, Bangalore. 625 faculty members have been trained and awarded the Dale-Carnegie High Impact Teaching Skills Certificates. In addition, they are also trained in alternative / innovative learning approaches and in designing curriculum. ASC collaborates with other Schools in domain-specific subject matter skill improvement programs for the faculty members.

ASC has organized more than 900 Faculty development training sessions in the last five years. More than Twenty five thousand and seven hundred (25700) faculty members attended these training programs. With a monthly average of 20 programs, an average turn-out of four hundred and fifty (450) faculty members per month attend the training sessions at ASC. Many external expert resource persons from Industries and academia have been invited for facilitation of the Faculty Development Program (FDPs). Many of these FDPs are practical hands on learning, and updating to the current practices among the teaching fraternity.

ASC organized several Faculty development Training and Interaction sessions in association with Christian Medical College (CMC) - a renowned Medical College and Hospital, with expert doctors and surgeons of various departments to create awareness on positive health.

Advanced courses like latex, CFD, MATLAB, Communication Skills and various Multi-media tools were also organized. Innovative training program like becoming a global professor and 100 other training program were organized using internal resources. Following are the domain specific training offered to faculty members at ASC.

VIT is a place with multi-faceted and talented faculty members who can turn a Management Development Programme into a memorable experience with hands on training in a world class ambience with rich experience of management consultancy currently helping a bunch of companies to overcome challenges related to Key business administration procedures like Planning, Manning, Budgeting, Gadgeting and Accounting.

ASC conducted a 3 week In-Service Training Program for Civil Service Officers of the state of Bihar during October 2012. ASC thus intends to extend its reach by offering to train the In-Service officers of the various State Governments. ASC, headed by a Deputy Director is supported by an Assistant Professor Senior, an Assistant manager, a DEO and an attender. Also Programs are being coordinated by department coordinators from different Schools