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Centre for Advanced integrated Circuit Design (CAICD)

Integrated circuits today play a crucial role in every human endeavour and the emerging sophistications in the technology are guided by the enormous market potential which is expected to touch US $281 Billion by 2006. VIT plans to spearhead the research in this niche area.


Train students in various design methodologies in the ULSI / UULSI / UDSM techniques through various structured courses, laboratories and project works.

Introduce students to the emerging cutting edge technologies in all the domains of integrated circuit design, methodologies which cover device modelling, Analog, Digital, Mixed Analog-Digital IC design, SoC and packing etc.


Advanced design, simulation and verification tools from leaders of the EDA tool manufacturers like CADENCE, MENTOR GRAPHICS, PSPICE, XILINX, MATLAB, and the like are available. This is backed up with the state-of-the-art SUN Servers, SUN, IBM workstations to enable high-end simulation environment.

Research Area:

    Handle UUDSM designs for very low power and high frequency applications.
    Solving the problems of leakages, complex interconnect problems and verifiable designs for quick turnaround time from concept to chips (C - to - C).
    Integration of multiple technologies in the design implementation.
    Ability to handle Nano and single electronic designs as further extension.