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Enduro Student India (ESI)

Enduro Student India (ESI)

Hearty Congratulations to Team KI Racing, the BAJA team of VIT under SAE Collegiate Chapter, Vellore on participating in the Enduro Student India (ESI) sponsored by MAGNA STEYR INDIA and Scolarian, conducted at Talegon, Pune and emerging as runner-up in the Shootout Special! It was a four-day off-roading event with various dynamic events like brakes, acceleration, sprint, maneuverability and dirtx.

Team Achievements of Dynamic events :

  • Acceleration and Manoeuvrability - 1st Position in Shootout Special.
  • Sprint - 2nd Position in Shootout Special
  • Dirtx - Participated.
  • Endurance race - 3.5 hours.

Overall results compiling all the points: 2nd Runners-Up among Shootout Special.

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