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GMAT Centre

True to its name VIT has been among the top institutions that aid international relations and help students go abroad for studies. This was taken a step further when VIT became a centre for the revered GMAT exam. The exam holds high value in around 6000 institutions all over the world. GMAT exam has prior booking facilities also.
The GMAT exam is the gold standard of graduate business admissions, trusted and preferred by more than 6,000 schools worldwide.

What to Expect Inside the Test Center?

  • Individual,proctored testing stations in a video recorded setting
  • Access to a test center provided note board and calculator(IR section only)
  • Choose your score sending recipients
  • Decide to send or cancel your score
  • Receive your unofficial score report(official score report sent within 20 days)

Did you know GMAT exam can be booked six months in advance. To book exam Click here