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graVITas ’18

VIT has always been at the forefront and achieved several accolades across the globe and our journey, indeed, is long.

VIT is aware that technological developments lead to societal transformation and is manifested in our annual techno-management fest “graVITas’. The 10th Edition of this annual fiesta is scheduled on October 12-14, 2018 which will provide opportunities to ignite and innovate the young minds to demonstrate their technical skills.

Our unique earlier ventures such as Clean Palar, Green Vellore, YSPARK and NEEDS have brought about a huge transformation VIT is aiming to develop engineers who in turn, shall transform the society and the nation into what our great leaders have been dreaming of. The theme of graVITas 2018 is “Technologies for Non-Technologists” which intends to offer solutions to the challenges that our nation has been confronting with, using emerging technologies for Farming - Energy and Environment–Water conservation (FEW). VIT also ensures the welfare of common people through innovative and technological approaches, and occasions like graVITas ensure that the innovative minds of the youth are focused to solve the pressing problems of common man.

Some of the notable events Aero-dominator, Indian Drone Racing League, RC Baja