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Happy Women's Day!

Happy Women's Day!

Women at VIT, VIT for Women!

G.Muthazhaghi (1990-ECE Batch), 
Vice President – Global Customer Support (ERP), 
Ramco Systems Ltd, Chennai 

I strongly believe that women in workforce need to understand these to reach the ladder of success and balance work-life better: believe in yourself, women who invest in themselves go further & that empowered women empower women. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Yes VIT, my Alma Mater has enriched me with many learning and soft skills needed for my career & life! VITAA, our alumni association, plays a significant role in every VITian’s life to stay connected with his/her college and friends always. I thank VIT for making me the woman I am today. Proud to be a Woman Always. Let’s speak in such a way that others love to listen to you, listen in such a way that others would love to speak to you! 

“Women at VIT, VIT for Women!” 

"Certain things last forever". My Masters in Finance at VIT developed my portfolio management skills. VIT has made me embrace the disruptions with technology. Moreover, Networking and communication skills, I learn on campus, are always laudable. One line for my fellow mates on campus “Be Responsible, Reliable, Enthusiastic and Kind to others and to yourself, one day you will be successful simply for this”. 

Ms S. Deepa, Class of 1998 (MBA- Finance) - Gold Medalist (Vellore Engineering College) UNESCO Club of Repalle’s UNESCO Best MBA Gold Student 1998, Women Entrepreneur Award from NFED, Coimbatore 2014, VITAA Coimbatore Chapter President 2014-18, VITMAA Distinguished alumni-Entrepreneurship Award 2017, VITAA Vice-Chairperson 2018-20 

Wish you all a Happy Women's Day!!!

Meenakshi. S, 
Class of 2004 (M.Tech. Communication Engineering), 
VIT, Vellore. 



I feel the pride of being a woman juggling between my roles of a Daughter, a Wife, a Friend, a Sister, a Mentor and a Leader. I always rewind my memories at college, to keep myself motivated... My buddies fondly call me LIONESS favouring my zodiac with a symbol of strength and courage. I have learned from the grounds of VIT, the notion of Gender Equality which transformed me from a Teen Kid to a Socio that I am today. 

My Fellow Women - KEEP INSPIRING!!!

Wish you all a Happy Women's Day!!!



Ms Vallikannu K, 2007 Batch (B.Tech-Biotech), 
Students Council President, VIT.
HRO, Subbiah Central School, Tirupur 

"Gnana Nallaram Veera Sudhandhiram Penum Narkadip Pennin Gunangalam," said Bharathiyar almost a century back where he emphasized knowledge, ethics, courage and freedom to be the base qualities that form a woman. Perfect fulfilment of these four qualities not only makes a woman complete but also enables her to transform her surroundings into a more vibrant place. But personally, I feel a reference to Bharathiyar till date actually means his dream being incomplete. More action and application is expected out of today's women rather than the reference to verses in order to make our workplace gender sensitive and responsible. My biggest accomplishment in relation to this I feel is my post graduation in MBA HR with a gold medal in an environment that is still age old in its practices and beliefs. I replied to my not so encouraging environment through my actions and that actually brought in the needed change in my life. The determination to perform in me was instilled in my previous years especially from VIT and my mentor Dr GV. I always feel VIT is not a place where I was just educated but I was empowered as well. And I have always observed across the years that the empowerment of this gender is possible by equal participation from both genders. All I would expect from the girls is the spirit to take up responsibility and that from the boys is the spirit to understand and reciprocate...and this should be instilled in our children from a tender age which will enable us to look at a much-balanced society !! 

Wish you all a Happy Women's Day!!!

Damini Agarwal, 
Class of 2015, 
B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering.

When I graduated with a Major in Biomedical Engineering and a Minor in Computer Science from VIT University, I was one of the very few women that wanted to pursue a technical career in medical devices. It is tough industry to be in; it is at the intersection of medicine, engineering and patient care and women have been historically under-represented in it. As a woman in tech myself, I believe that the best way to address under-representation of women in technology fields is by leveraging one’s own professional growth to help others get there too. I am a strong proponent of paying it forward – there is no greater way to express gratitude to those that supported you than by doing the same. 

VIT University served as a rich source of opportunities and inspiration for me in this regard, the academic rigour, support from faculty and staff, as well as importance to extra-curricular activities prepared me well for becoming a pioneer in my chosen profession. I eventually graduated with the Chancellor’s Gold Medal as Best Outgoing Student which further paved the way for me to pursue fully-funded graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University in Biomedical Engineering. 

None of this would have been possible without having access to world-class infrastructure, diverse opportunities, being able to work with similarly motivated individuals and forward thinking faculty who trusted me and always encouraged me to always aim for the stars and beyond. 

I now work for Infinite Biomedical Technologies as the Head of Product Development and create innovative technologies for upper-limb myoelectric prosthesis systems. VIT University has been integral in making me what I am today and I will be eternally grateful to the institution for the same." 

"Women at VIT, VIT for Women!"


Ms. Priyamvadha Prakash, 
Class of 2016, 
B. Tech. Biotechnology, VIT

My four years at VIT moulded me to become the person I am today. It gave me the freedom to choose from an array of options, be it academically - choice of classes and electives, or between the number of active clubs and chapters. At VIT, I had my first taste of management, as I donned leadership roles for VIT Dance Club, TEDx, IEEE Women in Engineering and the Yearbook Club, which further pushed me to pursue a career that integrated management with my core strength of biotechnology and health sciences. Juggling labs, exams and work for clubs/chapters made me find balance and manage time efficiently. Campus life exposed me to a diverse variety of people, which taught me to adapt and keep differences in cultures in mind while solving problems. All of these attributes now help me as a working professional. After my MS in Healthcare Management at the Johns Hopkins University, I started my first job at Narayana Health, Bangalore as a Supply Chain and Operations Manager. 15 months later, I am now in charge of end to end functioning of three independent business units. My areas of work include inventory management, procurement, forecasting, sales and strategy for pharmacy and clinic management. I spend most of my time at the front end in the form of patient relations, but also integrate data from various sources for my inventory analysis on a daily basis. You will always find a set of people on campus who resonate with your interests, be it dance, music, debate, coding, dramatics, anything - leverage the presence of such a peer group to make your four years filled with rich experiences, try out new things, and be available to people who aspire to follow your journey. VIT isn’t just a launchpad for one’s career, but also a strong network of people shining in their areas of interest". 

"Women at VIT, VIT for Women!"

Krati Tripathi, 
Class of 2016, 
B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

When I joined VIT, I was an individual with many interests. VIT offered me the opportunity to explore and hone my talents and evolve into the best version of myself. Over the 4 years, I delved into a crazy range of extra-curricular activities. I worked as the Manager of Events for the ISTE VITU Chapter, radio jockeyed for VIT Community Radio and sang for the Music Club. I also volunteered for Make a Difference and Youth Red Cross and worked as a scriptwriter for VIT Film Society. These experiences not only carved me into a multi-dimensional individual but also connected me with many amazing, talented students, who now form my unparalleled network. A domain where VIT leaves every other college behind is placements. By maintaining a nine-point CGPA throughout, I bagged a super dream job at Cisco Systems, where I’m currently working as a Consulting Engineer for Customer Delivery. 

If you think I stopped pursuing other activities after I started working, you are mistaken! I now have a YouTube channel, do singing gigs around Bangalore, anchor for various Cisco events and make professional videos for them. I also serve as the team lead for CSR, a core-member of the Connected Disabilities Awareness Network, and as a key contributor for the Early Career Network, Cisco Connected Women and PRIDE Employee Communities. Having grown up in India and Nigeria, I enjoy working in a multi-cultural, diverse environment and doing work that makes a significant impact for an organization or for the society, or even better, for both. With this motive, I’ll be pursuing an MBA at INSEAD from August. I’ve always believed that whatever you can imagine, you can achieve. VIT makes this possible. It is up to you to make the most of it.


Nilanjana Biswas 
Class of 2014 
B. Tech Biomedical Engineering


"When you feel like quitting, think about why you started", were the thoughts that kept me going through the yesteryear's at VIT till present day. I always wanted to become a doctor but chose a road less traveled by and ended up joining VIT. I have never felt so grateful ever. Stepping into VIT changed my perspective towards life in general. From the very first year at college, be it in making choices of subjects (FFCS) or auditioning for various clubs/chapters, I was exposed to opportunities that helped me develop a better understanding of my likes and dislikes. From a dedicated student in classroom to a multitasking coordinator at events, I moulded into a sound person who learnt how to keep the show going in spite of any unpredictable situation or crisis. I clearly remember, it was during one of the chatty sessions with my seniors at Greenos, I decided to pursue my MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management from Symbiosis International University. Since then it has been 9 years that I have humbly tried to contribute to Healthcare Sector. Today, I work with Practo Technologies as Central Account Manager handling key accounts across Mumbai and Gujarat. When I look back, I never fail to highlight the learning at VIT and the significant ways in which it has proved to be instrumental in building my personality and character. VIT as a brand has a reputation that can't be ignored and this is quite evident in walk and talk of every proud engineer who passes out of this esteemed University. My message to all my dear juniors would be to explore as many avenues as possible, try debating, dancing, researching, volunteering until you arrive at what inspires you and don't forget to be "In-Permanent-Beta - learning and evolving", after all this is the place to learn thereby providing ample chances to grow. 

"Women at VIT, VIT for women"


Varsha Manimaran, 
5Yr M.Tech Software Engineering (Integrated), 
Second year student, VIT 


I never dreamt that I’ll taste the working life right in my first year. I secured an internship towards the end of my first year itself at CollPol, and received an award for all round excellence in the same year. 

Everyone around me has always encouraged me to push my boundaries, to try new things. In the course of the last two years, I've learnt so much at VIT AP - from developing my inter-personal and oratory skills and becoming a better team player to making new friends and making the best out of every opportunity that comes my way. I've grown to become a better individual in terms of personality as well as skills. 

As I move forward, I want to make a difference for the better and achieve a sense of accomplishment by giving back. I want to make the people who have helped me at VIT and outside, proud. I want to give my best to all by reaching the standards that VIT has equipped us to achieve, if not surpass.

"Women at VIT, VIT for Women!"


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