w e l c o m e T o t e a L 2.O

The TEAL2.O project is implemented by a consortium of 12 institutions from Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Italy, Norway, Romania, and Bulgaria with financial support from Erasmus+ programme of European Union. Improving access to Science and Technology higher education is top priority in the participating Asian countries. Increasing Gross Enrollment Ratios and reaching underrepresented and disadvantaged groups require investing serious effort into Open and Distance Learning (ODL). Yet, ODL and increased access, especially in resource-poor institutions, pose many quality-related challenges resulting from shortage of expertise, technological equipment, collaboration and internationalization. We aim to contribute to addressing these challenges and facilitate access to higher education through a comprehensive technological solution. The TEAL2.O project will develop and deploy an open access platform for technology-enabled learning environment that will facilitate the design and delivery of quality ODL in Science & Technology higher education.

a b o u t T e a L

What is the TEAL2.O platform and why should we use it?

TEAL2.O is a cloud-based, open-access collaborative teaching & learning platform. It offers:
  • Access to MOOCs and other digital learning content developed around the globe.
  • Modularity and full customization capabilities, allowing institutions and faculty to design programs and develop teaching content that suit local needs and constraints, including those of underrepresented learners.
  • Automated assessment and quality assurance.
  • Integration of open-source hardware and software into the learning process to maximize learners’ exposure to technology and provide access to virtual labs and experimentation.
  • Enhanced opportunities for collaborative learning and teaching, allowing institutions to pool the available expertise and support quality.
  • Learner-centred education, flexible learning pathways and co-creation on the part of learners.

f e a t u r e s


Robustness was engrained since the infancy of development stages for our application. The application can handle it all!

fully customizable

Make, break, modify. You can do it all with Teal 2.O.


The platform has been developed using open-source technologies and the users will have a lot of customization features.


We developed the platform with our users in mind. We have taken care of minute details to offer the best learning experience possible on the platform.


All private data of users are highly-secured and it will give a peace of mind to our users. They can learn without having to worry about security on our platform.

User friendly interface

The interface is user-freindly and the users can use it with ease.

O u r r o l e

Plug-in development

The TEAL2.0 project team of VIT participated in the design, development and testing of several plug-ins to enhance the functioning of the website. It is feature-rich.

plug-in testing

Our team contributed in the testing of every plug-in rigorously and made sure that they are error-free. This will ensure a smooth user-experience.

API development

We contributed in the development of many APIs for the project. They ensure that our several components interact properly with each other and provide great user-experience.


The project has many collaborators. We participated in the integration of several components provided by our collaborators.


While getting the software up and running, all our partner universities documented the entire process in much detail. The collaborators can easily fix and upgrade components by referring to the documentation.

collaboration and advising

we have several partner universities in the project. collaborating with them was fun and was enlightening. whenever some of us had a problem, we helped each other and kept the project up and running.

o u r T E A M

Project Manager and Researcher

Prof. Saravanan R

Faculty Members

Prof.Kannan A, Prof.Malaserene I, Prof.Satish C.J, and Prof.Ilanthenral K.P.S.K

Alumni Members

Mr. Safal Gautam, and Mr. Rahul Ratna Das

s u p p o r t & D e v e l o p m e n t C e n t e r

This Center has three MAC Studio Servers and twelve Apple IMac Desktops. Design, development, testing and management of this project are carried out in this center.

c o n t a c t