PI Name & Affiliation:

Dr. Gunji Bala Murali
Assistant Professor (Sr),
School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC)

Funding Agency: DST-SERB

Scheme: TARE

Overlay: Rs. 17,89,200

Duration of the Project: 3 Years

Dr. Gunji Bala Murali


Project Description

The project deals with developing a novel approach for cognitive human-robot assembly operation towards Industry 4.0 at the manufacturing sectors to cut down the cost and time of assembly. Limited research has been done on the collaborative human-robot assembly operation to develop the final product. So far most of the research is carried out on generating the optimal assembly sequences using various techniques like mathematical models CAD-based models, AI techniques, and Hybrid algorithms. Even though many of the researchers are successful in achieving the optimal assembly sequences but, they consider all the parts (primary and secondary parts) as major parts and generated optimal assembly sequences by which a lot of search space and time is required during the execution of the model.