PI Name & Affiliation:

Dr. Sunanda Saha,
Assistant Professor,
Centre for Clean Environment (CCE), School of Advanced Sciences (SAS)

Funding Agency: DST-SERB

Scheme: TARE

Overlay: Rs. 18,30,000

Duration of the Project: 3 Years

Dr. Sunanda Saha


Project Description

Due to the scarcity of land in the big cities situated near sea, it has become essential to utilize the ocean space to a reasonable extent. The constructions of very large floating structures (VLFS) are found to be very useful for military purposes in sea. Also it is essential for a country to construct floating airport, floating air base, floating oil reserve tank and wave power energy conversion system. Since these constructions are usually cost effective, therefore rigorous research is required before their construction. The various compound porous cylindrical structures can be a good idealization of designing very large floating structures. Various theoretical investigations have been taken place to study the water wave diffraction and radiation problems due to the presence of impermeable and porous circular cylinders. By using eigenfunction expansion method, numerical investigation has been done to analyse the effect of various parameters on the exciting forces, in the case of finite depth problem. However, the time history or transient analysis of the added masses in the radiation problem has not been considered in these works. The time domain analysis is significantly important for the study of the wave impact on a structure after a particular time. Due to the complications of the mathematical modelling, the time domain analysis of wave structure interaction problems is neglected in the above discussed works. Hence, our primary objective is to incorporate time dependence effect and transient analysis on various compound porous cylindrical structures. This will definitely improve the study to a reasonable extent and help us in stimulating wave interaction effect on different hydrodynamic coefficients due to surge and heave motion of the bottom-mounted rigid or porous cylinder.