PI Name & Affiliation:

Dr.M.Monica Subashini,
Associate Professor (Grade 2),
School of Electrical Engineering (SELECT),
Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Collaborator Affiliation:

Dr. Umashankar Subramaniam,
Associate Professor,
Prince Sultan University (PSU),
Saudi Arabia

Dr. Dhafer Jaber A Almakhles,
Prince Sultan University (PSU),
Saudi Arabia

Funding Agency: Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia

Scheme: COVID-19 Fast Track Research 2020

Overlay: Rs. 10,00,000

Duration of the Project: 0.6 Year

Dr.M.Monica Subashini

Associate Professor (Grade 2)

Dr. Umashankar Subramaniam

Associate Professor


Project Description

The Envision 2030 agenda of United Nations have included 17 sustainable development goals towards a promising future for persons with disabilities aligned with Saudi Vision 2030. As per the SD goals set and implemented by The United Nations, the proposed work targets on promoting the transformation of disabilities. This work promises good health and well-being (SDG 3) by diagnosing respiratory diseases at the earlier stages based on chest X-ray images. The proposed method introduces algorithms for the pre-processing of Normal, COVID-19 and Pneumonia X-Ray Lung images which promotes the accuracy of classification when compared with raw (unprocessed) X-Ray Lung images. The authors have implemented an efficient pre-processing and classification technique for the respiratory disease detection. VGGNet, Alexnet and proposed Deep Neural Network were implemented for the classification of respiratory diseases.