PI Name & Affiliation:

Dr. S.Sivabalan,
Professor & Dean,
Department of Instrumentation,
School of Electrical Engineering,
Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Co-PI Name & Affiliation:

Dr. R. Thirumalaivasan,
Associate Professor,
School of Electrical Engineering,
Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Funding Agency: Government of India, Department of Space (DoS), Bangalore.

Scheme: ISRO Respond

Overlay: Rs. 28, 22,120

Duration of the Project: 3 Years

Dr. S.Sivabalan

Professor & Dean

Dr. R. Thirumalaivasan

Associate Professor


Project Description

The aim of the proposed research is to develop a compact and robust narrow band optical fiber filter. This type of filter is used in various applications such as lidar, space satellites, fiber lasers and optical communication. Presently, the above mentioned applications use bulk optic filters which are very sensitive to the environment and it should be handled carefully. Although bulk optic filter is the workhorse for present applications, in the down side, it is expensive, huge size and environmentally unstable.
Recently, this filter is used inside the fiber laser loop to narrow down pulses in the cavity and for the development of high sensitivity sensor. The fiber filters have drawn attention in various applications owing to their remarkable properties such as compactness, robustness and cost effectiveness. Specifically, the fiber filters have potential applications in the field of laser range detection systems and in the development of ultrafast fiber lasers.
The proposed research is expected to address the above issues and provide the design details, a prototype and complete characteristics of the all fiber filter. Also, the temperature effect studies on the fiber filter will be done extensively. Considerable research will be carried out to compensate the temperature effect. Finally, the developed filter will be tested in a real time by implementing in a lidar in NARL, Tirupati and a final report will be generated based on the above experiments. In future, the developed filter can be used in various space applications such as advanced lidars, free space optical communication and in satellites.