PI Name & Affiliation:

Associate Professor
School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE),
Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Co-PI Name & Affiliation:

Dr. Nandita Srivastava,
Udaipur Solar Observatory
PRL, Jaipur

Funding Agency: ISRO


Overlay: Rs. 24,33,000

Duration of the Project: 3 years


Associate Professor

Dr. Nandita Srivastava

Udaipur Solar Observatory


Project Description

Detection and characterization of solar flares, filaments and Corona Mass Ejections (CME) play a key role in monitoring the solar activity that assists in space weather prediction. Algorithms and processing modules are necessary for automated prediction of space weather impacting the Earth from real-times images of the Sun. To accomplish this, the full disk images of the sun acquired by the GONG instrument are used. The recorded GONG images provide an opportunity to understand the long-term behavior of the Sun at least for 2 solar cycles. Automated detection involves diverse image processing and classification models for identifying the nature of solar events. This proposal aims at developing an automatic detection technique for implementation on solar full disk images, extraction of features like sunspots and filaments and also estimating their attributes in consecutive images. This would help understanding the temporal evolution of the solar activity both on transient phenomena leading to eruptions and also on long term. Virtual device modeling and extensive device simulations will be carried using Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD tools (sprocess and device).