PI Name & Affiliation:

School of Mechanical Engineering,
Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Co-PI Name & Affiliations:

Co-PIs from VIT:

1. Dr. Bibin John
2. Dr. Thundil Karuppa Raj R
3. Dr. Satyajit Ghosh
4. Dr. Satheesh A
5. Dr. Devendra Kumar Patel
6. Dr. Padmanathan P
7. Dr. Sekarapandian N
8. Dr. Ashok K

Other International Collaborating Universities:

Cranfield University, UK
Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya, Spain
University of Malaya, Malaysia
ReadLab-Research Innovation Development Lab, Athens, Greece
Chiang Mai University , Thailand
Naresuan University, Thailand
UiTM, Sarawak, Malaysia
University of Patras, Greece
Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India
EEOGroup, Ethens

Funding Agency: Erasmus+ CBHE

Scheme: International - European

Overlay: 986,086 Euros

Duration: 3 Years




Project Description

The projected growth of CFD is underpinned by its essential role in the design and analysis cycle of industries in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, power and bio-medical sectors, which are key players in the economies of the developing countries of the Asia region. These industries are facing the challenge of shifting from low-cost manufacturing to product design and innovation, due to rising wages and the demand for high quality domestic products. In this context, the need for industries to adopt new priorities, which include boosting their R&D capabilities and generating market insights, is mandatory. However, these tasks remain challenging given the absence of necessary skills and industrial processes.

Scope of the project:

The scope of this project is to introduce the students of Universities in Partner Countries to CFD via the development of new curricula and PG programmes. Its aim is to provide students with insight regarding computational mechanics, while also maintaining a practical approach to CFD. To this end, the programmes will include the tuition of the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics and computational methods but will also include the application of the available commercial and open-source CFD software for the solution to industry-specific problems.

The project also intends to build a partnership and develop synergies in the CFD application between the industry and Universities in all Partner Countries. It will provide initiatives for creating spinoff, high tech companies that specialize in providing consulting services to engineering firms.