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School of Information Technology & Engineering (SITE)

SITE offers B.Tech (IT), BCA and B.Sc. programmes. Each programme is designed to acquire in depth knowledge in the specialization. It enable students to get more exposure in terms of industry and application. The B.Tech. Information Technology is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, B.Sc. Multimedia and Animation course inculcates our graduates with state-of-the-art concepts in Computer graphics and animation in mixed media.

B.Tech. Information Technology

  • Graduates will be engineering practitioners and leaders, who would help solve industry's technological problems.
  • Graduates will be engineering professionals, innovators or entrepreneurs engaged in technology development, technology deployment, or engineering system implementation in industry.
  • Graduates will function in their profession with social awareness and responsibility.
  • Graduates will interact with their peers in other disciplines in industry and society and contribute to the economic growth of the country.
  • Graduates will be successful in pursuing higher studies in engineering or management.
  • Graduates will pursue career paths in teaching or research.
  • Students who graduate can start as system developers and move on to becoming architects, technical leaders and managers.
  • As solution developers / specialists in IT / IT-enabled services or as system developers / Integrators.
  • As software developers in vertical industry sectors such as manufacturing / banking/ finance and healthcare and as design engineers in building network security and management solutions.
  • As computing and IT consultants, independent solution developers and entrepreneurs in the development and deployment of software, information systems and information management tools.
  • Other options include planning, designing and managing IT infrastructure.
  • Information Technology Fundamentals / Problem Solving Using C / Object oriented Programming / Data Structures and algorithms / Theory of Computation / Computer Architecture and Organization / Operating Systems / Object Oriented Analysis and Design / Programming in Java / Web Technologies / Data Communications and Computer Networks / Embedded Systems / Artificial Intelligence / Software Engineering - Principles and Practices/ Distributed Systems / Database Systems / Human Computer Interaction / Multimedia and Computer Graphics / Data Warehousing and Data Mining / Mobile Computing / Network Programming / Network Administration / Digital Electronics and Microprocessors / Open Source Programming.

B.C.A. (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

  • To enhance the depth of proficiency in the higher level of computer science
  • To expose the computing and computational principles of the information technology domain by offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest curriculum.
  • To inculcate the practice of offering intensive software solutions for the complex problems with the aid of appropriate latest software tools and techniques.
  • To impart the desirable needs of essential computing principles and trends for solving real world problems by adapting case-based learning.
  • To provide an encouraging environment for industrial exposure on business software and information system services.
  • A plethora of opportunities in applications development, software testing and maintenance.
  • Options to pursue MCA, M.Sc.-CS/IT, MBA, M.Sc(ST), MS(IT).
  • As system analysts and database administrators in IT-enabled service sectors.
  • Computational Thinking,Digital Computer Fundamentals, Principles Of Accounting, Discrete Maths for Computer Science, Software Engineering, Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, Web Development, Programming In C, Software Testing, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Programming In Java, Open Source Programming, Operating Systems

B.Sc. Computer Science

  • To equip the students with the skills and knowledge to get employment in the software industry as well as government departments by imparting the requisite technical skills.
  • To build the capability to work harmoniously as team members be able to Become entrepreneur, leadership positions in the industry, with ethical responsibility.
  • To motivate them to pursue higher education in renowned universities across the globe.
  • As entry - level computer scientists and professionals.
  • In the IT - enabled services sector, especially in BPO companies.
  • As system analysts.
  • As system / network professionals.
  • Software developers in IT companies.
Core Courses

Principles of Operating Systems / Fundamentals of Computer Science / Problem Solving Techniques / Programming in C / Digital Logic and Computer Design / Computer Architecture/ Object Oriented Programming / Data Structures / Visual Programming / Fundamentals of Database Management Systems / System Software / Principles of Graphics & Multimedia / Introduction to Computer Networks / Java Programming / Web Technology / Principles of Software Engineering / Microprocessors.