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School of Information Technology & Engineering (SITE)


Sl. No Year Title Principal Investigator Project Type Funding Agency Date of Com
to End Duration Total Project Cost Current Status
1 2006 Optimal Rank Approximations for Efficient Information Retrieval. Mr. Aswani Kumar Cherukuri  National  DST 1-Mar-2006 1-Mar-2008 2 492000 Completed
2 2011 "Spatio-temporal transmission model for H1N1 using clustering for Vellore Dr. Daphne Lopez
Co.PI. M. Parimala
National  ICMR 1-May-2011 1-May-2012 1+2 1145162 Completed
3 2011 Investigations on fuzzy formal concept analysis Dr. Ch. Aswani Kumar National  DAE 1-Nov-2011 1-Nov-2014 3 777600 Completed
4 2015 Quantum inspired context sensitive cognitive conceptual spaces. Dr. Ch. Aswani Kumar National  DST 8-May-2015 8-May-2018 3 1602800 Ongoing
5 2016 Secured cloud based voice over IP application for telemedicine to rural India. Dr. Jeyanthi N National  DST-SEED Division 6-Sep-2016 6-Sep-2017 1 1726902 ongoing
6 2018 A big data processing framework to model vector borne dynamics based on the seasonal changes. Dr. Daphne Lopez
Co.PI. Dr. Varalakshmi
National  ISRO 31-May-2018 31-May-2021 3 1566000 Ongoing
7 2019 Intelligent anomaly detection system for encrypted network traffic. Dr. Aswani Kumar Cherukuri
Co.PI. Dr. Sumaiya Thaseen
International MHRD-SPARC 15-Mar-2019 15-Mar-2021 2 6295953 Ongoing
Sl. No Year Project Titles Principal Investigator Funding Agency Date of Comm from Total Project Cost Current Status
1 2015 "Contextual search with respect to the longitude and latitude of a subject in an ecosystem"  Dr. Pradeep Reddy CH B2 Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad 5-Oct-2015 150000.00 Completed
2 2015 Consultancy work on Android application for "ECG Basics" Prof. G. Thippa Reddy &
Prof. G. Nagarajan (13338)
M/s Sree Diabetic Care Center, Andhara Pradesh. 15-Dec-2015 25000.00 Completed
3 2015 Consultancy work Dr. Aswani Kumar Cherukuri Suriya Dxi, LLC 31-Dec-2015 501975.00 Completed
4 2016 Arya Samaj Negar, Bhopal, Designing and developing their Web site. Dr. Neelu Khare Arya Samaj Negar, Bhopals 13-Dec-2016 15000.00 Completed
5 2018 Simulation and Visualization of Cultural heritage. Dr. Divya Udayan NVIDIA Corporation,  25-Sep-2018 147000 Ongoing
6 2019 Assessment module of Nexrise Android Application. Prof. N. Deepa
Prof. B. Prabadevi 14409
Nexrise Technology private limited, Chennai ############ 25000 ongoing
7 2019 Development of vision-based medicine recognition system. Dr. K. Ganesan Cleveron Tech works, Vellore 27-Sep-2019 150000 ongoing
8 2019 Developing face-recognition based HR automation solution. Dr. K. Ganesan Cleveron Tech works, Vellore 27-Sep-2019 50000 ongoing