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Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination 2020 - Aptitude Section

The Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination 2020 would newly include the Aptitude Section. The Aptitude section would consist of ten questions and would test the students on various aspects of inherent abilities like verbal skills, numerical reasoning, speed, accuracy and abstract reasoning. Students mostly concentrate on the core subjects and aptitude is taken lightly. VITEEE 2020 has given more importance on the Aptitude section. Students have to make sure that they get Aptitude right this year.
Here are some tips from our team to enhance your Aptitude scores and ace the test.
The core topics in the aptitude section would include Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency, Syllogism, Number series, Coding and Decoding and Clocks, Calendars and Directions. Research and analyse the sample question papers presented in the VIT website and figure out the major topics that have been covered in the Aptitude Section. Evaluate your speed and accuracy in every sub-section. Make sure you have the right materials and tools to guide you through the Aptitude Section. Ensure that adequate stationery and calculator are present when you attempt aptitude questions. Keep a note on the time taken to answer the question.
Regular practise would help you excel in Aptitude. Answering the Aptitude section is mastered through experience and comes out of a habit. Hence, one needs to regularly attempt the aptitude questions and evaluate one’s progress. Make sure that most of your practise sessions are online as you must get used to answering aptitude questions on a computer for VITEEE 2020. The more questions you practise, the more confident you will gain. Ensure that you take up the aptitude test on your own.
It is your performance that matters at the end of every practise. A good night’s sleep and a proper balanced meal would also help in the process. Plan out your answering time. Don’t lose focus on the core subjects. Make sure you answer the aptitude questions with speed and accuracy. Think out and don’t play the guessing game while answering.
These are a few tips to strengthen your aptitude scores. Prepare and Plan your Process of study, Practise and analyse your Progress, and Perform well in the aptitude section and ace the test! All the best for VITEEE 2020! Applications for VITEEE 2020 available both online and offline. To appear for VITEEE 2020, click on the link below.