ETC 2020 Speakers

ETC 2020 focuses on catalysis conference targets at bringing scientists and researchers, in a single platform, working in the broad areas of homogeneous, heterogeneous and bio-catalysis including catalysis in bioremediation.

Noble Lecture on ‘Design and Applications of Olefin Metathesis Catalysts’


Prof. Robert H. Grubbs
The California Institute of Technology, USA

Prof. Robert H. Grubbsis currently the Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, where he has been a faculty member since 1978. Before moving to Caltech, he was at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan from 1969 to 1978, where he achieved the rank of Associate Professor.

His main research interests are in organometallic chemistry and synthetic chemistry, particularly the development of novel catalysts for olefin metathesis. In 2005, he was a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (with R. R. Schrock and Y. Chauvin) for his contributions to the field of olefin metathesis.

In olefin metathesis, a catalyst is used to break the bonds of carbon molecules, which can then re-form to create chemical bonds in new ways, producing new compounds with unique properties. The basic technique can be used for creation of polymers, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals and has broad applications in areas including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agriculture, and plastics.

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Thomas J. Colacot, Millipore Sigma (A business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany),
6000 N Teutonia Avenue, Milwaukee, WI- 53209, USA

Title: Preformed Pd and Ir and Catalysts for Modern Cross Coupling and C-H Activated Borylations
Prof. Dominic Tildesley, Chemistry Department, University of Southampton, UK.

Title: The Molecular Simulation of Friction and Lubrication
Prof. Pierre H. Dixneuf, CRNS - Université de Rennes 1, France

Title: Catalytic C-H Bond Activation : new steps for Green and sustainable Chemistry
Dr. Chris Senanayake, Co-founder & CEO, TCG GreenChem, Inc. USA

Title: Development of Scalable and Cost-Effective API Synthesis through Chemical Innovation
Dr. Jagadeesh Rajenahally , Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT), Germany

Title: Catalysis: A key technology for sustainable and advanced chemical synthesis
Prof. Masaru Ogura, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Japan

Title: Zeolite mining for ammonia-SCR automobile deNOx catalyst
Prof. Xuefeng Jiang, East China Normal University, P. R. of China

Title: Green Sulfur Chemistry with “3S” Concept
Prof. P. Selvam, Department of Chemistry, IIT Madras, India

Title : Zeolite, Zeolite-type and Zeolite-like Catalysts: The Unprecedented
Porous Architectures for Green and Sustainable Chemistry
Prof. Sachin Handa, Department of Chemistry, University of Louisville,
Louisville, KY 40292, USA

Title: Water: More than a Reaction Medium for Highly Selective Reaction Pathways
Prof. Samaresh Bhattacharya, Inorganic Chemistry Section, Department of Chemistry,
Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

Title: Synthesis of organometallic complexes and their application in catalysis
Prof. Xumu Zhang, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China

Title: Asymmetric Hydrogenation Using Chiral Tridentate Ligands
Prof. Shu Kobayashi, Department of Chemistry, School of Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan.

Title: Green Catalyst Systems in Synthetic Organic Chemistry Toward Sustainable Society
Prof. S. Natarajan, Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

Title: Usefulness of Metal-Organic Framework Compounds towards
Heterogeneous Catalysis
Dr. Ramesh Bhujade, Vice President (R&D),Reliance Industries Limited,Mumbai, India

Title: Energy Sector decarbonization Through Catalytic thermochemical Pathways

Invited Speakers

Dr. Rino R. Mukti, Division of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia               

Title: Controlled desilication method for producing specialty hierarchically porous zeolites
Prof. Bhalchandra M. Bhanage, Department of Chemistry,
Institute of Chemical Technology Matunga, Mumbai, India.

Title: Catalytic methods for the use of Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in organic synthesis.
Dr. Ravindra V Singh, Head of India R&D, Custom synthesis and Manufacturing,
Sigma-Aldrich Chemicals Pvt. Ltd (Merck Group Company), Bangalore, India

Title: CATALYTIC Protein Knockdown by small-molecule PROTACs- An emerging therapeutic
technique for degradation and removal of Disease-causing Proteins
Dr. Stellios Arseniyadis, Queen Mary University of London
School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
Mile End Road, E1 4NS, London, UK

Title: Developing innovative and sustainable bio-inspired chemistry
Dr. Stephen P. Thomas, School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, UK.

Title: Simplifying Earth-abundant Catalysis
Prof. Ranga Rao, Department of Chemistry, IITM, India

Title: Thermocatalytic hydrogen production using indigenous ceria-based materials
Dr. Bettadaiah Sr. Scientist CSIR-Central Food Technological research Institute (CFTRI)

Title: Natural Material Diversity Oriented Synthesis (NMRDOS) approaches in spice bioactives
Dr. Aparna Ganguly, Editorial Development Manager, RSC, Bangaluru, India

Title: RSC publishing Session
Prof. Akella Sivaramakrishna, Dept. of Chemistry, SAS, VIT Vellore

Title: Catalytic Intermediates of Group 10 (Ni, Pd and Pt) Metals - Synthesis, Chemistry and Applications
Dr. Cheralathan KK, Dept. of Chemistry, SAS, VIT Vellore

Topic : Designing hierarchically structured zeolite catalysts using agricultural waste
Dr. Prabu Rajagopalan, Team Leader - Bioprocess R&D, Bio products, OmniActive Health Technology Ltd., Mumbai, India.

Title : Biocatlysis for Green Industries
Prof. Sujit Roy, Organometallics & Catalysis Laboratory, School of Basic Sciences,
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, Argul, Khurda 752050, Odisha, India.

Title: A Few Steps on Dual-Metal/Bimetallic Catalysis Concepts: “exciting? certainly yes” | “green? not too sure”
Prof. Shankar M V, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa, India.

Title : Biomass derived glycerol for hydrogen production – a sustainable photocatalytic method
Dr. Boopathy Gnanaprakasam, IISER-Pune, India.

Title: Metal-Catalyzed Peroxidation and Its Molecular Rearrangement Using Batch/Continuous Flow Mode
Dr. E. Balaraman, Department of Chemistry, IISER Tirupati, India.

Title: Chemical Synthesis via Borrowing Hydrogenation
Ram Prashanth Baalasubramaniam, RG Biotech, India.

Title: Application of Photocatalysis in Industry