• The confirmed participants (registered and paid for the events) alone can register and seek for accommodation.
  • A nominal charge of Rs. 150/- (inclusive of GST) will be collected from per participant seeking accommodation per day. This amount is for 24 Hours only from your check-in and any additional time will be subjected to extra money.
  • Make use of the online portal for paying the accommodation charges
  • Accommodation will be based on First Come First Serve basis and availability
  • Accommodation will be provided in the Hostel Dorms only. Blanket and mattresses will be provided by graVITas'19 team during check in time
  • Participants shall be responsible for their own belongings.
  • Participants shall be liable to pay for any damages caused by them to Institute's property.
  • Possession of any sort of arms and ammunition is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  • Any disrespectful or violent altercation with any of the other participants or members of the organizing committee will be highly condemned.
  • Participants are expected to not litter around in the Institute/Hostel premises.
  • VIT Vellore reserves all the rights to impose fines and take strict course of disciplinary action if any of the rules mentioned above are violated.