3rd Annual International Conference on Population Ageing and Labour

The Third Annual International Conference on Population Ageing and Labour is to be held at VIT Vellore in collaboration with the International Institute of Migration and Development (IIMAD), Trivandrum, Kerala

Hosted by
The Department of Social Sciences, VIT, Vellore

November 29 & 30, 2024


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Dr. G. Viswanathan

Chancellor, Vellore Institute of Technology


Shri. Sankar Viswanathan

Vice President, Vellore Institute of Technology

Dr. Sekar Viswanathan

Vice President, Vellore Institute of Technology

Dr. G. V. Selvam

Vice President, Vellore Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. V. S. Kanchana Bhaaskaran

Vice-Chancellor, Vellore Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. Partha S. Mallick

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Vellore Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. T. Jayabarathi

Registrar, Vellore Institute of Technology

Conference Organisers


Dr. Manoharan M

Dean SSL, VIT, Vellore


Dr. V Selvam

Associate Dean, SSL, VIT, Vellore

Dr. S. Irudaya Rajan

Chair, IIMAD, Trivandrum


Dr. Bangalore Morarji

Head, Department of Social Sciences, SSL, VIT Vellore


Dr. Sumeetha M

Assistant Professor Senior Grade 2, Department of Social Sciences, SSL, VIT Vellore

Dr Irshad CV

Assistant Professor Grade 1, Department of Social Sciences, SSL, VIT Vellore

Theme of the Conference

India is undergoing through a rapid demographic transition. This transition as like in many developing countries has implications for ageing, demographic dividend, migration, skills, urbanisation and female participation in the labour force. In line with global ageing experience of many regions, the evidence of subnational level of ageing is clearly visible in the Indian context with diverse ageing transition experience in different states/regions therefore lessons from them are to be shared and discussed for a better policy and practice. The International Institute of Migration and Development’s (IIMAD) third annual conference along with Department of Social Sciences VIT, Vellore on population ageing will provide a platform to explore the potential for a trans-disciplinary approach to ageing and labour with an opportunity to exchange knowledge, collaborate and communicate policy solutions. The conference is open to researchers, policy makers and practitioners cutting across diverse backgrounds including demography, economics, medicine and nursing, public health, sociology and social work to communicate their findings and thoughts. Specifically, the conference will collate knowledge exchange from a variety of disciplines that primarily addresses the concern of all labour aspects of ageing including work, organization of work, work environment and security, retirement, economic security etc.

Conference themes include but are not limited to:

Ageing and labour market including access to employment, employment security etc.
Ageism in labour market [labour market discrimination]
Active and productive ageing
Ageing and second demographic dividend
Rethinking working life expectancy
Ageing and economic security

Abstract and paper Submission

The conference will consider papers submitted with a broad thematic area related to ageing and labour. It is expected that the presenters/authors will have a chance to get constructive feedback from experts in a collaborative direction for improving the research and practice. We welcome conference abstracts of 300-400 words along with author bio. Abstracts will be assessed based on their suitability, originality, and methodological rigour. Presenters are expected to submit their complete manuscripts before the conference.

Abstracts can be submitted using this link:

Important Dates


JULY 31, 2024


AUGUST 15, 2024


NOVEMBER 15, 2024


NOVEMBER 29 & 30, 2024

Registration Fees Details

Registration Category Fee
Student INR 2500
Faculty/Academicians INR 4000
Practitioner INR 6000
Foreign Participants $100



School of Social Sciences and Languages (SSL)
VIT, Vellore

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