International Webinars

S No Date Topic Resource Person University Country
1 04-01-2021 Ultraviolet irradiation degrades themechanical integrity of human skin Dr Guy K German Binghamton University USA
2 18-01-2021 Advanced Biocompatible Sensing Platforms Dr. Ahyeon Koh Binghamton University USA
3 25-01-2021 Extracellular vesicles in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics Dr. Yuan Wan Binghamton University USA
4 01-02-2021 Natural, bioactive materials for in vitro pancreatic islet development Dr. Sha Jin Binghamton University USA
5 08-02-2021 Organ on a chip microphysiologicalsystems for drug testing anddiseasemodeling Dr. Ying Wang Binghamton University USA
6 17-02-2021 Higher Education Opportunities in France Ms.Golda Malhotra N+I Network France
7 24-02-2021 Higher Education Opportunities in EDHEC Business School, France Mr.Nilesh EDHEC Business School, France
8 24-02-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in University West Sweden Dr.Mohit Gupta University West Sweden
9 25-02-2021 Addressing Global Manufacturing Outsourcing ProblemsUsing a HybridAHP-TCO Model Dr. Daryl Santos Binghamton University USA
10 25-02-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in University of NewSouthWales (UNSW) Ms Snighdha, Joshua Zhao,Jayshree Ravishankar & Team University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia
11 26-02-2021 Webinar on Robots and courses in ACSE,By The University of Sheffield ,UK Dr Jonathan Aitken University of Sheffield UK
12 26-02-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in UniversityofTecgnology Sydney (UTS) Dr Thomas WU, Dr Jacqui Pope , Dr Nabin Sharma University of Tecgnology Sydney (UTS) Australia
13 02-03-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in City University ofLondon Faculty Team City University of London UK
14 03-03-2021 Higher Education Opportunities inUniversities from The Netherlands Mr.Abhinay India Office ROTTERDAM BUSINESS SCHOOL The Netherlands
15 03-03-2021 Engineering nanocomposites atom by atom Dr. Kalpana Katti NDSU USA
16 05-03-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in Monash University Chris Davies, Nicole Sims, Asha Balaji & Team Monash University Australia
17 10-03-2021 Higher Education Opportunities in University of Twente, Ms.Sudha Sudeep India Office,University of Twente, The Netherlands
18 10-03-2021 Molecular and microstructural basis of engineering properties ofswelling clays Dr. Dinesh Katti NDSU USA
19 11-03-2021 Electrospinning Biomimetic Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Dr. Yingge Zhou Binghamton University USA
20 15-03-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in AustralianNationalUniversity(ANU) Emily Ohara, Qing Wang & Team Australian National University(ANU) Australia
21 17-03-2021 Higher Education Opportunities in Radboud University, The Netherlands Ms.Keerthana India Office,Radboud University, The Netherlands
22 17-03-2021 Environmental Nanotechnology: Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah NDSU USA
Achieving the Unachievable
23 20,21-03-2021 Your Future in Focus (YFiF) -India Event (Immersion) Ms Ritu Kadian & Team University of Melbourne Australia
24 24-03-2021 Recovering waste resources and addressing emerging contaminants forsustainability Dr. Syeed Md Iskander NDSU USA
25 25-03-2021 A Systems Approach Towards Automation of Heat Sink ProcessUsingCollaborative Robots Dr. Christopher Greene Binghamton University USA
26 31-03-2021 Prolonging the life of aging US infrastructure: preliminary results andfuture directions Dr. Ravi Kiran Yellavajjala NDSU USA
27 31-03-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in UniversityofStarthclyde Dr.Robert Graham University of Starthclyde UK
28 07-04-2021 Multiscale modeling and computational design of polymeric and structuralmaterials Dr. Wenjie Xia NDSU USA
29 08-04-2021 Additively Printed Electronics Components Using Aerosol JetPrinting;Processing and Performance Assessment Mohammed Alhendi Binghamton University USA
30 09-04-2021 Preemptive discovery of insecticide cross-resistance mechanisms fornextgeneration malaria control products Dr.Mark Paine Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), United Kingdom UK
31 14-04-2021 Hydraulics in the era of exascale computing Dr. Trung Le NDSU USA
32 05-05-2021 Orientation session on 3.5+2 Accelerated Pathway Dr Rakic Alexander, Ms Melinda Knox, Mr Sagar Bahadur University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
33 11-05-2021 Meet your University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, Academicians Dr Rakic Alexander University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
34 13-05-2021 Micro and Macro algae and its applications Dr.Yulia Gubelit Russian Academy of Sciences Russia
35 19-05-2021 Scholarship from Germany Group of DAAD Officials DAAD Germany
36 19-27 May 2021 Deakin University, Australia, Study Abroad Information sessions Mr Chris Pozzebon & Team Deakin University Australia
37 21-05-2021 Starting a Business in Indonesia: Tips for Foreign Investors, Large &Small Mr. Nathan Scott Kamstra,CIO at Urbanhire, Indonesia Binus University Indonesia
38 22-05-2021 Topic:Enhancing Your Employability in Australia Mr Sagar, Ms Anagha University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
39 24-27 May 2021 University of Sydney (USYD), Australia Master Class series Team of Professors University of Sydney (USYD) Australia
40 25-05-2021 Engineering Clubs and Societies Mr Sagar, Ms Anagha University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
41 29-05-2021 UQ Science Boot Camp - Meet Science Academics Mr Sagar, Ms Anagha University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
42 01-06-2021 Higher studies and Scholarship in RWTH Ms.Elizabeth and Ms.Melanie RWTH, Aachen Germany
43 07-06-2021 University of Queensland (UQ), Australia- Science Open House- VITPathway Session Ms Grace Li, Ms Anagha, Ms Remmyatha Varghese University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
44 07-Jun-21 University of Queensland (UQ), Australia- Science Open House- VITPathway Session Ms Grace Li, Ms Anagha, Ms Remmyatha Varghese University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
45 09-Jun-21 Optimizing Pulse Shaping for the Nonlinear Optical Fiber Channel usingDeep Learning and the Autoencoder Concept? Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Ten Brink University of Stuttgart Germany
46 15-Jun-21 Misinformation in the time of COVID Dr Will Grant Australian National University Australia
47 16-Jun-21 Wave Propagation-A Mathematical Perspective Dr Po Lam Yung Australian National University Australia
48 17-Jun-21 Semiconductor nanostructures for optoelectronics applications Dr Jagadish Australian National University Australia
49 18-Jun-21 From Nanomaterials to Multi-Scale Devices for Future Health Engineering Dr David Nisbet Australian National University Australia
50 22-Jun-21 What Sets the Masses of Stars? Dr Mark Krumholz Australian National University Australia
51 23-Jun-21 3D printing dynamic materials Dr Luke Connal Australian National University Australia
52 24-Jun-21 Health transitions and global population health challenges Dr Mathew Kelly Australian National University Australia
53 25-Jun-21 Earthquakes and tsunamis caused by low-angle normal faulting in theBanda Sea, Indonesia Dr Phil Cummins Australian National University Australia
54 25-Jun-21 Printing Technologies as key enabling technologies for scalable flexiblemanufacturing Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing Steffen G. Scholz Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
55 28-Jun-21 Continuing the fight against malaria, despite the emergence of newinfectious diseases Dr Kevin Saliba Australian National University Australia
56 29-Jun-21 Uncovering the Secrets to Biological Complexity Dr Lara Malins Australian National University Australia
57 30-Jun-21 Cenozoic intra-plate volcanism in Eastern Australia: The role of mantleplumes, plate motion and lithospheric structure Dr Rhodri Davies Australian National University Australia
58 01-Jul-21 The bright future of renewable energy Dr Kylie Catchpole Australian National University Australia
59 05-Jul-21 Solving Genome Puzzles Dr Yu Lin Australian National University Australia
60 07-Jul-21 "Plant-based circular bio-economy-The future of European economy" Dr. Bernhard Huchzermeye Leibniz University of Hannover, GermanyNortheastern University Boston, USA Germany/USA
61 08-Jul-21 ?Beauty and the Beast?: How emerging technology and Industry 5.0 willallow us to be more human Dr Catherine Ball Australian National University Australia
62 13-Jul-21 Research Data Governance Dr Paul Wong Australian National University Australia
63 14-Jul-21 Natural Polymers of Bacterial Origin and their Biomedical Applications" Dr.Ipsita Roy University of Sheffield United Kingdom
64 15-Jul-21 Energy conversion and storage Dr Matthew Stocks Australian National University Australia
65 16-Jul-21 High-Resolution Functional 3D Printing Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing Steffen G. Scholz Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
66 21-Jul-21 Smart insulin delivery with glucose responsive nanoparticle systems? Dr.Christoph Hagemeyer Monash University Australia
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