International Webinars

International Webinar Series

1 04-01-2021 Ultraviolet irradiation degrades themechanical integrity of human skin Dr Guy K German Binghamton University USA
2 18-01-2021 Advanced Biocompatible Sensing Platforms Dr. Ahyeon Koh Binghamton University USA
3 25-01-2021 Extracellular vesicles in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics Dr. Yuan Wan Binghamton University USA
4 01-02-2021 Natural, bioactive materials for in vitro pancreatic islet development Dr. Sha Jin Binghamton University USA
5 08-02-2021 Organ on a chip microphysiologicalsystems for drug testing anddiseasemodeling Dr. Ying Wang Binghamton University USA
6 17-02-2021 Higher Education Opportunities in France Ms.Golda Malhotra N+I Network France
7 24-02-2021 Higher Education Opportunities in EDHEC Business School, France Mr.Nilesh EDHEC Business School, France
8 24-02-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in University West Sweden Dr.Mohit Gupta University West Sweden
9 25-02-2021 Addressing Global Manufacturing Outsourcing ProblemsUsing a HybridAHP-TCO Model Dr. Daryl Santos Binghamton University USA
10 25-02-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in University of NewSouthWales (UNSW) Ms Snighdha, Joshua Zhao,Jayshree Ravishankar & Team University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia
11 26-02-2021 Webinar on Robots and courses in ACSE,By The University of Sheffield ,UK Dr Jonathan Aitken University of Sheffield UK
12 26-02-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in UniversityofTecgnology Sydney (UTS) Dr Thomas WU, Dr Jacqui Pope , Dr Nabin Sharma University of Tecgnology Sydney (UTS) Australia
13 02-03-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in City University ofLondon Faculty Team City University of London UK
14 03-03-2021 Higher Education Opportunities inUniversities from The Netherlands HAN UNIVERSITY STERDAM UTRECHT UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM BUSINESS SCHOOL Mr.Abhinay India Office ROTTERDAM BUSINESS SCHOOL The Netherlands
15 03-03-2021 Engineering nanocomposites atom by atom Dr. Kalpana Katti NDSU USA
16 05-03-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in Monash University Chris Davies, Nicole Sims, Asha Balaji & Team Monash University Australia
17 10-03-2021 Higher Education Opportunities in University of Twente, Ms.Sudha Sudeep India Office,University of Twente, The Netherlands
18 10-03-2021 Molecular and microstructural basis of engineering properties of swelling clays Dr. Dinesh Katti NDSU USA
19 11-03-2021 Electrospinning Biomimetic Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Dr. Yingge Zhou Binghamton University USA
20 15-03-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in Australian National University(ANU) Emily Ohara, Qing Wang & Team Australian National University(ANU) Australia
21 17-03-2021 Higher Education Opportunities in Radboud University, The Netherlands Ms.Keerthana India Office,Radboud University, The Netherlands
22 17-03-2021 Environmental Nanotechnology: Achieving the Unachievable Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah NDSU USA
23 20,21-03-2021 Your Future in Focus (YFiF) -India Event (Immersion) Ms Ritu Kadian & Team University of Melbourne Australia
24 24-03-2021 Recovering waste resources and addressing emerging contaminants for sustainability Dr. Syeed Md Iskander NDSU USA
25 25-03-2021 A Systems Approach Towards Automation of Heat Sink ProcessUsing Collaborative Robots Dr. Christopher Greene Binghamton University USA
26 31-03-2021 Prolonging the life of aging US infrastructure: preliminary results andfuture directions Dr. Ravi Kiran Yellavajjala NDSU USA
27 31-03-2021 Higher Education and scholarship opportunities in University of Starthclyde Dr.Robert Graham University of Starthclyde UK
28 07-04-2021 Multiscale modeling and computational design of polymeric and structural materials Dr. Wenjie Xia NDSU USA
29 08-04-2021 Additively Printed Electronics Components Using Aerosol JetPrinting; Processing and Performance Assessment Mohammed Alhendi Binghamton University USA
30 09-04-2021 Preemptive discovery of insecticide cross-resistance mechanisms for next generation malaria control products Dr.Mark Paine Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), United Kingdom UK
31 14-04-2021 Hydraulics in the era of exascale computing Dr. Trung Le NDSU USA
32 05-05-2021 Orientation session on 3.5+2 Accelerated Pathway Dr Rakic Alexander, Ms Melinda Knox, Mr Sagar Bahadur University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
33 11-05-2021 Meet your University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, Academicians Dr Rakic Alexander University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
34 13-05-2021 Micro and Macro algae and its applications Dr.Yulia Gubelit Russian Academy of Sciences Russia
35 19-05-2021 Scholarship from Germany Group of DAAD Officials DAAD Germany
36 19-27 - 05- 2021 Deakin University, Australia, Study Abroad Information sessions Mr Chris Pozzebon & Team Deakin University Australia
37 21-05-2021 Starting a Business in Indonesia: Tips for Foreign Investors, Large &Small Mr. Nathan Scott Kamstra,CIO at Urbanhire, Indonesia Binus University Indonesia
38 22-05-2021 Topic:Enhancing Your Employability in Australia Mr Sagar, Ms Anagha University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
39 24-27 - 05-2021 University of Sydney (USYD), Australia Master Class series Team of Professors University of Sydney (USYD) Australia
40 25-05-2021 Engineering Clubs and Societies Mr Sagar, Ms Anagha University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
41 29-05-2021 UQ Science Boot Camp - Meet Science Academics Mr Sagar, Ms Anagha University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
42 01-06-2021 Higher studies and Scholarship in RWTH Ms.Elizabeth and Ms.Melanie RWTH, Aachen Germany
43 07-06-2021 University of Queensland (UQ), Australia- Science Open House- VIT Pathway Session Ms Grace Li, Ms Anagha, Ms Remmyatha Varghese University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
44 07-06-2021 University of Queensland (UQ), Australia- Science Open House- VIT Pathway Session Ms Grace Li, Ms Anagha, Ms Remmyatha Varghese University of Queensland (UQ) Australia
45 09-06-2021 Optimizing Pulse Shaping for the Nonlinear Optical Fiber Channel usingDeep Learning and the Autoencoder Concept Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Ten Brink University of Stuttgart Germany
46 15-06-2021 Misinformation in the time of COVID Dr Will Grant Australian National University Australia
47 16-06-2021 Wave Propagation-A Mathematical Perspective Dr Po Lam Yung Australian National University Australia
48 17-06-2021 Semiconductor nanostructures for optoelectronics applications Dr Jagadish Australian National University Australia
49 18-06-2021 From Nanomaterials to Multi-Scale Devices for Future Health Engineering Dr David Nisbet Australian National University Australia
50 22-06-2021 What Sets the Masses of Stars Dr Mark Krumholz Australian National University Australia
51 23-06-2021 3D printing dynamic materials Dr Luke Connal Australian National University Australia
52 24-06-2021 Health transitions and global population health challenges Dr Mathew Kelly Australian National University Australia
53 25-06-2021 Earthquakes and tsunamis caused by low-angle normal faulting in the Banda Sea, Indonesia Dr Phil Cummins Australian National University Australia
54 25-06-2021 Printing Technologies as key enabling technologies for scalable flexible manufacturing Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing Steffen G. Scholz Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
55 28-06-2021 Continuing the fight against malaria, despite the emergence of new infectious diseases Dr Kevin Saliba Australian National University Australia
56 29-06-2021 Uncovering the Secrets to Biological Complexity Dr Lara Malins Australian National University Australia
57 30-06-2021 Cenozoic intra-plate volcanism in Eastern Australia: The role of mantleplumes, plate motion and lithospheric structure Dr Rhodri Davies Australian National University Australia
58 01-07-2021 The bright future of renewable energy Dr Kylie Catchpole Australian National University Australia
59 05-07-2021 Solving Genome Puzzles Dr Yu Lin Australian National University Australia
60 07-07-2021 "Plant-based circular bio-economy-The future of European economy" Dr. Bernhard Huchzermeye Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany North eastern University Boston, USA Germany/USA
61 08-07-2021 Beauty and the Beast: How emerging technology and Industry 5.0 willallow us to be more human Dr Catherine Ball Australian National University Australia
62 13-07-2021 Research Data Governance Dr Paul Wong Australian National University Australia
63 14-07-2021 Natural Polymers of Bacterial Origin and their Biomedical Applications" Dr.Ipsita Roy University of Sheffield United Kingdom
64 15-07-2021 Energy conversion and storage Dr Matthew Stocks Australian National University Australia
65 16-07-2021 High-Resolution Functional 3D Printing Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing Steffen G. Scholz Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
66 20-07-2021 Future of Health care Prof Mohammed T khaswaneh Binghmaton university USA
67 27 to 30-07-2021 Trends in Renewable Energy Technologies and Communities 1. Dr.Pierlugi SIANO
2.Dr.Victor Fabregat Tena
3. Dr.Preetha Sreekumar
4. Dr.Martin
1. Dr.Pierlugi SIANO, University of Salemo,Italy
2. Dr.Victor Fabregat Tena,Regenera LEVANTE SL,Spain
3. Dr.Preetha Sreekumar Higher College of Technology,UAE
4. Dr.Martin Birmingham University,UK
Italy Spain UAE UK
68 21-07-2021 Smart insulin delivery with glucose responsive nanoparticle systems Dr.Christoph Hagemeyer Monash University Australia
69 18-08-2021 Colloidal metal nanocomposite and role of transcriptional pathway duringin vitro wound healing Dr.Madhyastha Harishkumar University of Miyazaki Japan
70 03-09-2021 Metal Additive Manufacturing state of the art and future foresight Mr.Amal Charles Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany Germany
71 23-09-2021 Gas Breakdown and Electron Emisison at Nanoscale Dr.Allen L.Garner Purdue University USA
72 05-10-2021 Mechanisms of Obesity and Leptin in Breast Cancer Dr.Ignacio Camarillo Purdue University USA
73 12-10-2021 Kinemartic syetems for scalable felxible production Dr.Steffen Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
74 25-10-2021 Synethesis and extensive application of wide band gap metal oxide nano structures Dr.Chaoying Li Kochi.Univ.of Technology Japan
75 29-10-2021 Embedded Design consideration for Smart AI assisted health care application of the EDGE Dr. Miad Faezipour Purdue University USA
76 17-11-2021 Computational Protein docking modelling with application of deep learning Dr.Daisuke Kihara Purdue University USA
77 23-11-2021 Affordable Housing Design: Challenges and Prospects in Malaysia Dr. Azalillah Musa Ramdani Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia
78 24-11-2021 Medical Applications of E-Engineering : Another Look Dr.Raji Sundararajan Purdue University USA
79 09-12-2021 Exploitation of Artificial Intelligence for Improving the Reliability of Power Plants Prof. Alhussein Albarbar Sustainable Systems Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University UK
80 09-12-2021 Visible light positioning for industry (I4.0) applications Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Department of Engineering, Manchseter Metropolitan University UK
81 09-12-2021 I4.0 Supporting Rapid Manufacturing of Ventilators Dr Aris Christos Alexoulis Chrysovergis Department of Engineering, Manchseter Metropolitan University UK
82 09-12-2021 Sustainable Cities & Communities Prof. Bamidele Adebisi Intelligent Infrastructure Systems, Manchseter Metropolitan University UK
83 09-12-2021 Towards Sustainable and Environment-Aware Wireless Networks Dr. Mohamed-Slim Alouini Electrical and Computer Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology Saudi Arabia
84 10.12.2021 & 11.12.2021 Virtual International Conference on Futuristic Communication Technologies (VICFCNT21). Join collobration with UTAR and VIT Dr Morris Ezra Abraham Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahaman, Sungai long campus, Malaysia Malaysia
85 10.12.2021 The Optical Wireless Technology in 6G - A Way Forward Prof Fary Ghassemlooy Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering, Northumbria University Newcastle
86 10.12.2021 Digitisation of existing buildings to support building assessment scheme Dr Eric Lou Manchester Metropolitan University UK
87 10.12.2021 Additive Manufacturing - 'Innovation and Disruption' Peter Gough Manchester Metropolitan University UK
88 10 & 11 -12-2021 Design and Applications of the On-metal UHF Tag Antennas-VICFCNT 2021 Key note Dr.Eng-Hock Lim Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahaman, Sungai long campus, Malaysia Malaysia
89 10 & 11 -12-2021 Development of Nanoenergy, Nanosensors and Nanophotonics for Future Applications Dr. Vincent Lee GlobalFoundries Chair Professor in Engineering, , NUS, Singapore Singapore
90 10 & 11 -12-2021 Assessing the Scalability and Privacy Issues of an Extreme-Scale Distributed Parallel Optimization for Energy Communities Prof. Pierluigi Siano, Ph.D. Department of Management & Innovation Systems, University of Salerno, Italy. Italy
91 10 & 11 -12-2021 Internet of Things and Our Future Dr. Ali Kashif Bashir Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom UK
92 10 & 11 -12-2021 Mid-infrared fibre laser technology Dr. Gayathri Bharathan Macquarie university, Australia. Australia
93 10 & 11 -12-2021 Field Trial and Performance Characterisation of 90-100GHz Radar For High Precision Foreign Object Debris Detection System Professor Ir. Dr. Sevia Mahdaliza Idrus Sutan Nameh Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia. Malaysia
94 10 & 11 -12-2021 Microwave Photonics Filter based on Multiwavelength Fiber Laser Dr. Shee Yu Gang Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. Malaysia
95 10 & 11 -12-2021 UNets, Upsampling and n x n to 2n x2 n Hardware Implementations Dr.Alex Noel Joseph Raj Department of Electronic Engineering, College of Engineering, Shantou University, Shantou China. China
96 10 & 11 -12-2021 Speech Emotion Recognition Using Fast Classifiers: Advances and Challenges Prof. Fatemeh Daneshfar University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran Iran
97 10 & 11 -12-2021 Internet of Things: Opportunities and Challenges Dr. Hafizal Mohamad University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM). Malaysia
98 10 & 11 -12-2021 Unmanned Aerial Systems with Intelligent Edge and its Challenges Dr. Sreejith Vidhyadharan Nair University of North Dakota USA
99 10 & 11 -12-2021 Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits Dr. Prasad Shastry Bradely University USA
100 10 & 11 -12-2021 OFID for IoT Applications Walter Daniel Leon-Salas, Ph.D. Purdue University. USA
101 20-12-2021 Space Syntax and the Development of Architectural Studio with Evidence based Design Decision Methods Dr. Sharifah Salwa Syed Madzhar Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia
102 20-12-2021 Needs for Social Neighborhood Space in Affordable Housing Dr.Shamsiah Abdullah Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia
103 28-12-2021 Lesson from Informal Housing Dr. Tanzil Shafique University of Sheffield United Kingdom
104 28-12-2021 Designing Elederly Housing with Sense of Communal Value Dr. Alice Sabrina Ismail Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia

VIT-SUNY-BU-USA Webinar Series on Autonomous Systems

S.No Date Topic Speaker Name University Country
1 05-03-2021 Lithium-ion Battery Thermal Analysis and Management Dr. Bruce T Murray- Professor Department of Mechancial Enginnering, Binghamton University USA
2 19-03-2021 Converter Circuits for Cell Balancing in EV Battery Pack Dr.Yeddula Pedda Obulesu School of Electrical Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, VITVellore India
3 02-04-2021 Design of Control Policy for Demand-Side Battery Energy StorageOperations Based on Mathematical Optimization and Machine Learning Dr.Soongeol Kwon- Assistant Professor Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering, StateUniversity of New York, Binghamton University USA
4 16-04-2021 Lithium-Ion Battery Fault Diagnostics Dr. A.Rammohan- Assistant Professor Automotive Research Centre, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore India
5 30-04-2021 Data-Driven Battery Health Estimation and Life Prediction Dr. Yong Wang- Assistant Professor Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering, Watson College ofEngineering and Applied Science, Binghamton University USA
6 25-05-2021 Electric Vehicle Air Conditioning System Dr. C. Ramesh Kumar- Professor Automotive Research Centre, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore India
7 17-09-2021 Perception Systems for Autonomous Vehicles Dr. P. Shunmuga Perumal-Assistant Professor Automotive Research Centre, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore India
8 01-10-2021 The Drone-truck Arc Routing Problems Dr. Sunghoon Chung-Assistant Professor Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering, BinghamtonUniversity USA
9 15-10-2021 Cognition in Autonomous Systems Dr. R.Ramakrishnan-Associate Professor Department of Design & Automation, School of Mechanical Engineering,Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. India
10 29-10-2021 Planning for Single-robot, Multi-robot, and Human-robot Systems Dr. Shiqi Zhang-Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science, Binghamton University. USA
11 12-11-2021 Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS) for AccidentDetection and Avoidance System for VRUs Dr. Suresh Chavhan-Assistant Professor Automotive Research Centre, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. India
12 19-11-2021 Automated Manipulation of Multiple Nanowires under a Common ElectricField. Dr. Kaiyan Yu-Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Binghamton University. USA
13 03-12-2021 Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles Dr. I.S. Rajay Vedaraj-Associate Professor Department of Design & Automation, School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC),Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. India
14 10-12-2021 Introduction to Autonomous Vehicle Sensors Dr. Yong Wang-Assistant Professor Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering, Watson Collegeof Engineering and Applied Science, Binghamton University USA
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