"A Child should never be deprived of quality education owing to poverty. This forceful thought in my mind became the seed that gave birth
to the innovative STARS Scheme".
Dr.G.Viswanathan, Chancellor, VIT- Vellore

Philanthropy makes a big difference to people’s lives. On these lines, Our Beloved chancellor Dr.G.Viswanathan has taken several community development initiatives for the betterment of the society, and STARS (Support the Advancement of Rural Students Scheme) is one such philanthropic activity starrted in the year 2008. It aims at enhancing the rural students’ quality of life.

For children in rural villages of Tamilnadu who grow up in difficult circumstances, VIT has become more than a place of academic instruction. It is a home away from home where they feel safe and happy, surrounded by caring Professors/Proctors who not only give them the education and skills to face the future, but also become their emotional pillar.

Since 2008 rural students of Tamilnadu have been admitted through STARS scheme. Each student’s story is an inspiring story of change. Daily wage labourers and domestic helpers find it difficult to educate their children due to their unstable income and difficult living conditions. Their children who are academically brilliant, continue to live their lives in poverty like their families or settle down to basic jobs which satisfies neither their basic needs or their intellectual hunger While many people in our society ignore these hard facts and go ahead with their lives, VIT Management Stands tall as it takes these children in its fold through the STARS scheme (SUPPORT THE ADVANCEMENT OF RURAL STUDENTS). Financially disadvantaged children don’t have to stop dreaming of becoming an Engineer. VIT STARS Scheme helps these students from under privileged background to achieve what they deserve by giving them 100% fee waiver for their academic and hostel facilities including basic medical expenses.

The transition to higher education, which is particularly difficult and expensive for rural youth, requires support. To meet this concept in reality, VIT launched this social innovation as STARS Scheme. Based on their 12th std. marks, one boy and a girl from rural Government Higher Secondary schools in the different districts of Tamil Nadu are chosen under this STARS scheme. Most of the selected meritorious students are first generation graduates from the below poverty line families. The selected Students(STARS) are given admission to a B.Tech course in VIT with 100 percent Scholarship covering free accommodation, food, healthcare and other academic facilities.

VIT stands proud in giving high-quality education to the rural students of Tamil Nadu and provide the doorway for a good career, better social status and most importantly, fine tune them to be responsible citizens.

STARS First Generation Graduates Details

BATCH 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total
First Graduates 8 36 48 45 45 45 43 43 53 55 56 56 533
Total Students 13 57 57 61 57 56 52 57 57 60 64 68 659


For further details contact:
Dr.S. Meenakshi,
STARS Co-ordinator
0416-220 2201


STARS-Eligibility Criteria


  • Students who have taken Maths, Physics and Chemistry subjects alone are eligible under this scheme.
  • This opportunity will be limited to one student in a family
  • The annual income of the family should be below Rs 1,50,000/-.
  • Top Ten boys and girls from Rural Government schools are shortlisted for the scheme (Government Schools located under Corporation, Municipality, Town panchayat limits are not eligible).
  • Such identified District toppers will be called for an interview based on marks secured in their Higher Secondary examination. Among them, one male and one female student will be admitted, after the results are published.
  • Final admissions to STARS scheme will be decided by the VIT Management.

Salient Features


  • Skill Training sessions on English Language Proficiency, Computer literacy, special classes on Maths,Physics,Chemistry and Personality development etc.
  • Counselling sessions to the STARS
  • Facilitation of Internship and Campus recruitment.
  • Hostel rooms will be provided to the STAR Students.
  • Clean mess facility with vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food
  • Academic logistics are duly taken care.
  • STARS book bank
  • Comprehensive Library Facility
  • Placement training sessions, Certified program sessions are given to the STARS
  • Industry Exposure ,Behaviour Etiquette ,Knowledge share sessions by the Alumni
  • STARS are encouraged to become the member of the Clubs & Chapters
  • STARS Alumni Meet to encourage and enhance the On Campus STARS
  • STARS Coordinator will be In-charge of their Holistic development

STARS-Alumni Abroad


STARS Year wise Details


STARS-Placement Details


List of companies STARS placed