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Capability Enhancement Schemes

Extended Learning Opportunities

The extended learning facility for students at VIT was started in the year 2007. These learning help the students to get prepared for higher studies in India and abroad. This facility is available for students from 2nd year onwards. Students can choose the courses as per their interest. Every year 1000+ students get enrolled in various courses and get benefit out of this. Classes are held during the weekends.

Seven different agencies are allowed to run the courses inside VIT campus in various disciplines. Enrolment is done two times in a year, January and July. Different seminars are also organized during this period to promote and give awareness for higher studies.

Courses offered

  • GATE
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • CAT
  • UPSC

Interested students can contact us for more details:-

Dr. Anu Baisel
Associate Professor,
Assistant Director –Career Development Centre
Career Development Centre , 717, SJT Block,
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore-632014,Tamil Nadu, India
Email:- anu.baisel@vit.ac.in

Career Counselling

Career development, an aspect of human development, is the process through which an individual’s work identity emerges. Students often seek out assistance when they are trying to choose a job for the first time. Many of them always in a dilemma whether they should go for a job or pursue higher study. Career guidance plays a pivotal role in these situations.

Soft Skills Development

With the number of college graduates rising every year, employers are becoming critical and strategic in selection of the recruits. The engineering industry nowadays not only looks for technical skills but also the overall personality of its recruits. To bridge the gap between requirements of the industry and the skills of the students, Soft Skills Development Program is being organized for all under graduate and post graduates students.

Soft skills are identified as the most critical skill in the current global job market especially in the fast moving era of technology. These skills include SWOT analysis, writing and communication skills, resume writing, group discussion, report writing and quantitative skills. To bridge the gap between requirements of the industry and the skills of the students, soft skills development scheme is organized for under and post graduates students. It aims at inculcating and building upon the basic soft skills that are required by every student while appearing for the recruitment process/higher education. Professional agencies like FACE, SMART and Ethnus are engaged to deliver the soft skills modules starting from the first semester itself.


S.No Programme Target
1 Introduction to Soft Skills 3 Year UG Programmes
2 Introduction to Business Communication 3 Year UG Programmes
3 Introduction to Soft Skills 5 Year Programmes
4 Introduction to Personal Skills 5 Year Programmes
5 Reasoning Skill Enhancement 3 Year UG Programmes
6 Introduction to Etiquette 3 Year UG Programmes
7 Fundamentals of Aptitude 5 Year Programmes
8 Introduction to Business Communication 5 Year Programmes
9 Reasoning Skill Enhancement 5 Year Programmes
10 Introduction to Etiquette 5 Year Programmes
11 Essentials of Business Etiquettes M.Sc.
12 Preparing for Industry M.Sc.
13 Essentials of Business Etiquettes MCA
14 Preparing for Industry MCA
15 Preparedness for External Opportunities 5 Year Programmes
16 Preparation for Employment 5 Year Programmes
17 Essentials of Business Etiquettes All M.Tech. Programmes
18 Preparing for Industry All M.Tech. Programmes


For further information, contact:

Dr. V. Samuel Rajkumar
Director - (Placement and Training)
Phone : 0416-2202846
Email: placement@vit.ac.in

Dr. M. Anthony Xavior Ph.D.
Assistant Dean - Academics
Vellore Institute of Technology
Phone: 0416-2202984
Email: asstdean.acad1@vit.ac.in

Remedial Coaching

VIT is constantly designing various initiatives like weekend semester, intra-semester and summer semesters for students who are not able to pass the subjects in one go. The idea behind this scheme is to ensure that the students get multiple opportunities to rectify and perform.

Language Labs

In today’s fast paced world, the communication skills and language proficiency is a very desirable trait. With this in mind, students are given opportunity to learn various languages in well equipped English Language labs, Chinese Language Centre etc.

English - Language Lab

The English language laboratory at VIT is an amicable and flamboyant classroom equipped with surround sound audio setup, LCD (liquid crystal display) projectors, headphones, collar microphone and computers with updated system configuration for a profound learning experience, where people can tune their listening as well as speaking skills in foreign languages especially English. There are manifold licenced software wielded in the laboratory scilicet Hi-class: student-teacher interface, Sky Pronunciation, Study Skills Success and Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary. Apart from the list, innumerable open sources are also effectively utilised. There are three language laboratories located at the Technology Tower in 306, 116 and 432. The laboratories are equipped with 211 computer systems overall. Laboratories serve to be an effective methodology for teaching and learning a language especially the key areas like Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary. It also succours to review, compare and evaluate considering the original nature of the accents in text, audio and video formats. Language laboratories pave the way for more appropriate and easier way of learning the language. They facilitate the role of the teacher in creating an attractive learning environment as they hold interesting presentation sessions to enhance the flair for speech and language in every student as well as to raise aloft their confidence.

The primary objectives of the Language Laboratories are:

  • To equip the learners with good communication skills
  • To enable the learners to participate in discussions and debates
  • To expose the learners to the exact patterns of language in terms of stress, pause, intonation and grammar
  • To improve the presentation and participation skills of the learners
  • To prepare the learners to face the job interviews


Following are the topics covered in the language laboratories:

  • Basics of LSRW
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Listening comprehension: From Elementary to Higher lever
  • Reading Comprehension: Both inbuilt and extensive materials
  • Writing: From basic sentence patterns to Creative Writing
  • Introducing Oneself
  • Extempore
  • Technical Presentation
  • Business Correspondence
  • Technical Writing
  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Presentation Skills
  • Creating Video Profile
  • Situational Conversations
  • Career Development
  • Interview Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Body Language
  • Role Play
  • Debating
  • Group Discussion
  • Mock Interview


Other Academic and Extension Activities of the Lab:

  • Guest Lectures
  • Oral Presentations
  • Post Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Value Added Programmes
  • Virtual Lectures
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Language Development Programmes for School Children
  • Skill Development Programme for Undergraduate Students of other institutions
  • FDPs for English Language Teachers



English Language Lab English Language Lab


Chinese - Language Lab


The Chinese Language Centre (CLC) at VIT was started in the year 2009 jointly with Zhengzhou University and The Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), Beijing to offer Chinese Language and Cultural Programs to Indian Students and Faculty Members. CLC has trained more than 7500 VIT students in Chinese Language, nearly 4,800 people participated in the Chinese proficiency test (HSK Exam) and more than 160 people have won the scholarship of Confucius Institute Scholarship awarded by Hanban.

In 2017 our center has won the Excellent Award for the Chinese Test from Hanban. CLC now have nine examination centers in Chennai, Vellore, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune.

Courses offered
Chinese Training Programs Offered at CLC

  • Beginners and Advanced level courses in Chinese Language(HSK)
  • Business Chinese(BCT)
  • Chinese for Young Learners(YCT)


CLC Organizes many Cultural Activities and Cultural Courses


S.No Cultural Activities Cultural Course
1 Daily communication:Greeting Course
2 Chinese New Year Chinese Matial Art
3 Taichi Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
4 Calligraphy Chinese Film Appreciation
5 Chinese Paper-cutting Chinese Characters
6 Mid-Autumn Festival  
7 Chinese opera and facial makeup  
8 Chinese telivision an traditionalopera  
9 Double Ninth Festival  
10 Gravitas  
11 Tea culture  
12 China's New Four Inventions  
13 Introduction of China  


Chinese Language Lab Chinese Language Lab Chinese Language Lab

Chinese Language Lab Chinese Language Lab Chinese Language Lab


Interested students and Faculty Members can contact us for more details

Dr. M. Subaji
Chinese Language Center
G001, Technology Tower,
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore-632014,Tamil Nadu, India
+91-416-2202027 (Office)
Email:- director.iiip@vit.ac.in

Mr. Sathiya Narayanan Rajaram
Chinese Language Center
G001, Technology Tower,
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore-632014,Tamil Nadu, India
Mobile - +91 9884216981
Email:- Info2sathyan@yahoo.co.in

Dr. K Kumar
Chinese Language Center
G001, Technology Tower,
Vellore Institute of Technology
Vellore-632014,Tamil Nadu, India
+91-416-2205700 (Office)
+91-8825837624 (Mobile)
Email:- kkumar@vit.ac.in

Bridge Courses

The objective of Bridge courses scheme is to bridge the gap that would possibly exist between the course objectives and the newly joined aspirants in terms of orienting their academic environment and partly to eliminate the fear factor that might cripple their understanding into becoming engineers with a social concern and responsibility.

During the first semester of all programmes offered by the University, students will be advised to register for the courses (all or courses of their choice based on the guidance from the HoD/Program Chair during the orientation) from the list of “Courses Offered” for their specific programme. Depending on the proficiency in language and other necessary fundamental disciplines, the student may be asked to undergo some special courses (bridge courses), as recommended by his/her programme curriculum, to compensate his/her inadequacy. These courses will be recommended based on a screening test conducted by the University or based on the subjects student had completed during his/her previous qualifying school examinations. The credits and grades so obtained will not be counted for the CGPA calculation / towards the minimum credit requirements for the completion of the course.


S.No Course Code Course Title Programme
1 BIT1001 Introduction to Life Sciences B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Bioinformatics
2 MAT1001 Fundamentals of Mathematics B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Bioinformatics
3 BIT1001 Introduction to Life Sciences B.Tech. Biotechnology
4 MAT1001 Fundamentals of Mathematics B.Tech. Biotechnology
5 BMD0001 Life Sciences for Biomedical Engineers B.Tech ECE with Specialization in Biomedical Engineering
6 MAT1001 Fundamentals of Mathematics B.Tech ECE with Specialization in Biomedical Engineering
7 BIT1001 Introduction to Life Sciences B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering
8 MAT1001 Fundamentals of Mathematics B.Tech. Biomedical Engineering
9 ENG1002 Effective English B.Tech. & M.Tech. (SE)
10 ENG1702 Effective English B.Tech. & M.Tech. (SE)
11 BAG1000 Introductory Biology B.Sc. Agriculture
12 MAT1000 Elementary Mathematics B.Sc. Agriculture
13 BAG1001 Agricultural Heritage B.Sc. Agriculture
14 EEE5000 Basic Electronics and Measurements M.Tech. Biomedical Engineering
15 BIT5010 Anatomy & Physiology M.Tech. Biomedical Engineering
16 ENG003 English Bridge Course for the Chinese Foreign Students

Yoga and Meditation

Students who engage in mindful movement activities can see a multitude of benefits, including increased strength and energy, better posture, reduced stress and improved attentiveness, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-care habits. For keeping stress at bay, VIT organizes a physical exercise and yoga sessions.

Yoga Yoga Yoga


Personal Counselling

Today's world is highly competitive; students of this age are experiencing social, personal and academic problems in their day to day life. VIT provides professional counselling, psychological assistance as well as proctoring for any of academic or non-academic issues.

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Awareness of Trends in Technology

A number of activities are organized in order to increase the awareness of recent trends in technology among the student community. In the fast evolving techspace this scheme is designed so that students possess right technical skills when they graduate and go for higher studies, technical positions or become entrepreneurs.

Awareness of Trends in Technology

Awareness of Trends in Technology Awareness of Trends in Technology Awareness of Trends in TechnologyAwareness of Trends in Technology

Awareness of Trends in Technology Awareness of Trends in Technology