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The Career Development Centre (CDC) works towards creating an environment that encourages students to think beyond the classroom and to develop the necessary skills to excel in their chosen fields. The centre is committed to providing students with personalized career guidance, practical training, and relevant resources that can help them succeed in their careers.


  • To create a comprehensive platform that provides students with access to a wide range of career development resources.
  • To provide students with personalized career guidance that can help them identify their strengths, interests, and goals.
  • To organize talks, training sessions, and workshops that help students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields.
  • To provide continuing support to students throughout their academic journey and beyond, ensuring they are well-prepared for their careers.
  • To offer a soft skills curriculum that helps students develop interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.
  • To facilitate industrial certifications and training that can help students stand out in the job market.



Dr. Samuel Rajkumar

Vellore Institute of Technology

Contact: 0416 -2202740/2841/2842







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Career Guidance and Higher Education

The Support Your Journey Needs


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Internships and On-Job Trainings

You will have abundant opportunities to get acquainted with the industry by joining internships & on-job training during your course of studies.

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Industry Certifications

Industrial certifications can lead to career advancement, higher salaries, increased job security, and can help to ensure that their employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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Career Counselling

Helps people begin, change, or advance their careers. Includes one-on-one conversations between a counselor and a career seeker, as well as assessments, activities, and projects designed to help career seekers make their strengths high.




Frequently Asked Questions


Can I send queries regarding the upcoming schedule?

CDC will notify the upcoming schedule and when it gets confirmed (Test / Interviews) you should not send queries asking for the upcoming schedule

What is the industry eligibility for a placement process?


Category Details
Category I 60 % in 10th , 12th , UG and PG as applicable and no year gap in studies.
Category II 60 % in 10th , 12th , UG and PG as applicable and upto 2 year gap in studies.
Category III 60 % in 10th /12th /UG and more than 2 year gap in studies.
Category IV Less than 60 % in 10th /12th /UG and upto 2 year gap in studies.
Category V Less than 60 % in 10th /12th /UG and more than 2 year gap in studies.

Who decides the eligibility criteria and branches? Will there be any relaxation on eligibility?

  • Eligibility criteria & branches are decided by the recruiting company and CDC has no say in this.
  • There would be no relaxation given on the eligibility criteria. 59.9% is not equal to 60%.

Can I round of my % or CGPA?

You should not round off your % or CGPA as you would not be allowed to join any company.

Can I withdraw from a selection process after registration?

If you register for a process, you need to attend the process without fail.

Else you will not be allowed to attend any other recruitment process and however you are allowed to withdraw from the selection process after the pre-placement talk (before the test), if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions by informing the student placement coordinator. The same reason will be applicable for other companies as well.

Can I reject an offer after the announcement of the result?

No. You are considered to be selected, once CDC announces the results

Who will update my CGPA as it is not allowed in Neo pat?

CDC office will update the CGPA based on the data from COE’s office. You can update other correct academic details on the portal.

How is the short listing done?

The shortlisting is done by the recruiting company on various parameters(not only on CGPA).

I missed out the registration for a company will I be allowed to register?

No, once the prescribed date and time is over you will not be able to register.

What will happen if I do not attend the selection process after I register?

You will be suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks from attending other campus recruitments.

I have cleared my arrears, can I register for those companies for which the registration is already over?

No, you cannot if the registration time and date is over.

How can I register in Neo PAT portal after clearing my arrears?

You should first pay the CDC registration fee through the academic portal link (Vellore)and with the receipt number you may login fill

After Payment in vtop, all are asked to must register in the below Link (PAT receipt number mandatory for registration).

I’m planning to go for higher studies, which companies will I be eligible to apply?

You will be eligible for only IT services campus recruitment.(TCS,CTS,etc).Severe disciplinary action will be taken if you do not join dream/super dream companies if also will have to do one additional academic course if you drop a dream or super dream offer ( Internship / Placements). The academic course to be completed will be communicated by the concerned school Dean. You will have to get in touch with your Dean.

How would I know a company is dream/ super dream company?

It will be notified on the top of the CDC registration for a particular company.

What if I am caught for cheating/copying malpractices/misbehavior during the selection process?

You will be debarred from the university.

How many job offers can I take?

Please see the placement rules as given below.

Company selection Eligibility
Selected by Super Dream Company for Placement Not eligible for any further internship or placement
Selected by Super Dream Company for only internship Eligible for Dream Companies Placements (IT/Core) and IT Services (TCS,CTS etc.,) Companies Placements
Selected by Dream – IT Company for Placement
  • Eligible for Super Dream Companies placement and internship
  • Non CS & IT students(UG & PG) will be eligible for Dream – Core placements
  • CS & IT students (UG & PG) - Core or IT status considered as same status
Selected by Dream – Core Company for Placement
  • Eligible for Super Dream Companies placement and internship
  • Not eligible for Dream-IT or another Dream – Core company placement or Dream internship
Selected by Dream - IT company for Internship Eligible for Super Dream Companies (only Placements), Dream Core Companies(Only Placements) and IT services Companies
Selected by Dream – Core company for Internship Eligible for Super Dream Companies (only Placements), Dream – IT Companies(only Placements) and IT services Companies
Selected by IT Services company(Regular offer) Eligible for Dream(IT & Core) and Super Dream Companies internship and Placements
Selected by a Company for Restricted Dream offer Will not be eligible for any further placements, will be eligible if the company offers 20 CTC.

The first company has not announced the final result, can I attend the next company?

Yes. You can, but whichever company announces the results first, you need to take that company’s offer. You will have no choice to select the company.


Who will issue internship authorization letter, if I am selected for internship?

You should get the authorization letter from concerned School Dean / project coordinator.

When will I get the offer letter after getting selected?

On an average, it takes about 2-3 months to get the offer letter.

How will I get shortlist after taking the online test?

You will be notified through the Dabb / Neo Pat / mail and you should be present in the placement office (in your campus) within 15 minutes after the shortlist announcement. Please check your emails regularly.

When should I come in formals?

You should come in formals for all the placement, training, company presentations and other events organized by CDC office.

What should I carry for the Pre-placement talk?

You should carry your resume, passport size photos and all other relevant certificates for the Pre-placement talk (and should come in formals)

Will I get attendance for attending placement & Training activities?

You will get attendance for all placement & training activities. CDC will upload the attendance after the activity is over. You will be given an additional one hour attendance after and before the activities gets over.

Can the CDC upload the attendance after the cutoff date?

No. you will have to contact your School/Dean academics.

What if I don’t attend the training?

You will not be eligible to attend the campus recruitments.

Will I get a refund of PAT registration fee, if I will to withdraw from the process after sometime?

No. you will not get a refund.

Which company’s selection process should I attend if there are multiple recruitments on a given day?

CDC will try to schedule recruitments without having clash. If there is a clash in timings, then you should follow the CDC’s instructions in attending the process.

Which company should I select if 2 or more companies announce the final results on the same day (If I have attended more than one company’s process on the same day)?

You have an option of choosing one company, If you are selected in more than one company.





CDC Visiting hours: (For only those queries which are not in FAQ)


  • Morning 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon
  • Evening 3.00 p.m to 4.00 p.m.




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