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A home away from home, the hostels at VIT is more than four walls and a roof. They have been designed to provide a comfortable, safe, inclusive and secure living even as they provide opportunities to form lasting friendships and ease the transition from home to college. Residential staff is always available to support the students from different backgrounds to promote community. Living on campus provides students with opportunities to:

  • * Connect with a diverse population of people
  • * Develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills
  • * Engage in campus leadership, organizations and activities
  • * Establish relationships with faculty and staff members

Hostel review committee meetings are conducted once in 15 days by the hostel administrators to address students’ queries and requirements, and to keep them updated on upgradation of services and events. Students are also given the privilege to give suggestions to improve the hostel facilities.


A spacious Visitors' Lounge has recently been added for the benefit of visiting parents/guardians, supplementing the residential guest house facilities available. The spotlessly maintained and spacious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dining halls in the hostels serve wholesome, nutritious food with the help of a unique steam cooking facility. Foreign students can also choose from a limited list of special food items. A Chinese mess is functioning separately.

For those who want to try out different cuisines, a variety of hygienic food facilities are available on campus. A popular eating spot is the 600 square meters Food Court, that serves delicious non-vegetarian and vegetarian food at reasonable prices. Fast food outlets are also attached to both the Men's and Women's Hostels.


VIT, Vellore campus has 24 Hostels. Out of which 18 blocks are boys’ hostels and the rest are girls’ hostels. The blocks, in total, cater to over 22,000 residents every year. Facilities and amenities include

  • * AC (Air-Conditioned) and Non-AC single and shared bed options.
  • * Rooms equipped with ergonomically designed furniture which includes a cot, chair, study table, study lamp, bookshelf and a cupboard.
  • * First aid centre, pharmacy, photocopy service, food kiosks, gymnasium (AC & Non-AC), swimming pool, sport amenities, laundry service, Wi-Fi service, beauty salon, tailoring unit, driving, dance and music classes, utility shop and visitor rooms.
  • * Residential Counselors, Wardens, Supervisors, maintenance staff and security guards available 24x7.
  • * Security guard to chaperone and safe transit students to and from the campus to the nearest railway station and bus stops for late night / early hours of the day.
  • * 24 hours water supply and power supply supported by stand-by captive generators.


Healthy, wholesome food and a variety of dining options are available to the hostel students. Given the great diversity of tastes and cultures, students have access to multi-cuisine catering services that serves vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Indian and International food. Students can also choose and order from a limited list of special dishes available on prior registration at the Restaurant-style Mess. Dining areas are open as early as 7:00 AM with night canteens available from 10:30 PM to 12:30 AM. The kitchens are hygienically operated and adhere to the prescribed food standards. A balanced menu is prepared every month by the Student Mess and Menu Committee in consultation with the hostel administrators.


Diverse events are periodically organised within the hostels to help the residents unwind, network, exhibit their talents and volunteer with the communities they live and study. To name a few, weekend movie screenings, DJ nights, cultural and sports competitive events are made available for residents to have a memorable hostel life. There are regular visits to old age homes and children’s homes. Workshops on Self-Defence and special lectures are regularly hosted in the hostels.

Mens and Ladies Hostel Administration

Director, Men's Hostel Prof. S. Prabakar
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 - 220 5999
Chief Warden, Men’s Hostels Prof. M. Shiva Shankar
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2127
Associate Chief Warden, Men’s Hostel Prof. S. Sivakumar
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2186
Associate Chief Warden, Men’s Hostel Prof. R. Mohanasundaram
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2186
Warden (Attendance) Prof. M. P. Gopinath
Email-id :
Mobile No : 98406 97916
Warden (Food) Prof. A. Sathiavelu
Email-id :
Mobile No : 94434 57024
Warden (Events) Prof. Navin Kumar
Email-id :
Mobile No : 81244 96533
Administrative Officer - Hostels Mr . R. Pathy
Phone No.: 0416 - 2202636
Hostel Manager, Men’s Hostel Mr. K. Ravichandran
Email-id :
Mobile No: 89403 02888 & 98940 96773
Men’s Hostel Office Staff Mr. K. Yugendar /
Mr. N. Chidambaram
Mr. S. Ramalingam /
Mr. B. Rajasekar
Phone No : 0416 - 220 2633
Men’s Hostel Office Senior Supervisor's (24 hours X 7 days)
Phone No : 0416 - 220 2028
Men’s Hostel Office Security Security Guard (24 hours X 7 days)
Phone No : 0416 - 220 2528
Director, Ladies Hostels Dr. S. Sumathy
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2711
Chief Warden, Ladies Hostels Dr.P. Deepa Sankar
Phone No :0416 - 220 2719
Associate Chief Warden, Ladies Hostel Dr. G. S. Nirmala
Email-id :  
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2702
Deputy Wardens Dr. S. Mythili 
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 - 220 2702
  Dr. R. Geetha
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 - 220 2614
Hostel Manager, Ladies Hostel Ms. Nisha S Tamse
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2702
Ladies Hostel Office Ms. G. Subbulakshmi,Ms. Anitha R K
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 - 220 2710 / 2720
Warden(Attendance) Ms. Radhika C D
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2702
Warden (Discipline) Ms. Dhanam S
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2456
Warden (Events) Ms. Nirmala Devi A
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2709
Warden (Transport) Mrs. Padma
Email-id :
Phone No : 9488839864
Warden (Food) Ms. Anitha B
Email-id :
Phone No : 0416 – 220 2456

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