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The Department of Physical Education was set up in the year 1984. The Department of Physical education is located in VIT Shopping Complex. This complex has a magnificent air conditioned gymnasium and Snooker Hall. A separate fitness centre for men and women has also been established in the respective Hostels. A swimming pool of international dimension is also available in the campus.

At VIT students are groomed to be complete personalities. In order to be mentally and physically fit, VIT provides state of the art facilities with many play grounds, stadium, indoor courts as well as a number of centres for physical education & sporting activities that help students stay as fit as a fiddle and to develop a spirit of sportsmanship. In order to encourage the students in sports activities the Department of Physical Education conducts Intramural tournament in various sports and games for Men and Women separately. The Department of Physical Education conducts selection trials to raise University teams in various disciplines for Inter University and other tournament. The Department of Physical Education organizes various inter-university, state level and national level tournaments every year, and Smt. Rajeswari Viswanathan Memorial tournaments for schools and colleges.

VIT offers several scholarships and monetary awards in sports to encourage outstanding performers and medalists in sports every year.

Department of Physical Education feels concerned about the health and fitness of VIT employees also and organizes a tournament for them every year.

The main objective is to inculcate sports consciousness, encourage skill development, provide recreation and promote the values of integrity, among the Students.

Take care of your body. It’s only place you have to live in. - Jim Rohn

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Yoga is a Sanskrit term meaning to join, unite or together. It is a way of life, an integrated system of education for the body mind and inner spirit.
Yoga may be practiced by any one regardless of age, sex. However if you suffer from any specific medical condition it is best to check with your physician before taking up asana practice.

For Beginners There are so many different kinds of yoga practices, it is possible for anyone to start. The idea is to explore your limits. It is a great way to get in tune with your body and your inner self.

Principles of yoga
1. Proper Asana practice
2. Proper Breathing
3. Proper Relaxation
4. Proper Diet
5. Positive Thinking and Meditation

The benefits of Yoga There are many benefits to the practice of yoga both physical and mental, from better posture to greater self acceptance. Here are the main benefits of yoga.

Physical benefits of Yoga
• Improved Posture
• Better Sleep
• Increased natural energy level and vitality
• Greater flexibility, strength and stamina
• Better balance
• Stronger immune system
• Blood pressure decreases
• Cardiovascular efficiency increases
• Respiratory efficiency increases
• Cholesterol decreases
• Endurance increases
• Weight normalizes
• Social adjustment increases
• Anxiety and depression decrease
• Concentration improves
• Memory power improves

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Sports Facilities in Vellore Campus

Sports Community achieve a healthier lifestyle while coping with the highly demanding study environment, one needs to be healthy, both emotionally and physically. As a part of this process, VIT emphasizes the importance of sports and considers them as an integral part of the curriculum.  VIT has a number of centers for physical education and sports activities that help the students maintain physical fitness and develop a competitive spirit. Its numerous outdoor playgrounds and indoor courts are spread over a vast area. 


Outdoor Sports:   Indoor Sports:  
400 Mts Track and field 1 Badminton(Wooden Floor, Men) 3
Football 3 Badminton  (Wooden Floor,  Women) 2
Cricket  2 Table Tennis Women 8
Badminton (Women, Floodlight) 6 Table Tennis Men 16
Badminton (Men, Floodlight) 18 Snooker A/c 3
Basketball (Synthetic Court Floodlit) 1 Squash courts (Wooden,  Men) 2
Basketball Court Floodlit 5 Squash courts (Wooden,  Women) 1
Handball Courts Floodlit 4 Gymnasium Trendset A/C 1
Hockey Field 2 Gymnasium (Indoor Men A/c) 1
Tennis (Synthetic Court Floodlit) 2 Gymnasium (Women, A&B A/c) 1
Tennis (Clay Court Floodlit) 2 Gymnasium (Indoor ,Women A/c) 1
Volleyball (Floodlight) 3 Gymnasium (Women Indoor ) 2
Volleyball (Synthetic  Court Floodlit) 2 Multi Gym (Men) 2
Throwball Court Floodlit 2 FITTY A/C Gym 1


Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool Men 50m *25m 1
Swimming Pool Women 25m *12.5m 1

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Sports Facilities in Chennai Campus

Outdoor Sports:   Indoor Sports:  
Athletics (Track & Field) 200M Track and Field-1 encompassing a mini football field 1 Badminton 4
Badminton 3 Gymnasium (Gymnasium Men’s Hostel -3 Nos & Women Hostel-1 No ) 4
Basketball 2 Chess 4
Cricket 1 Carrom 4
Cricket Practice Net 3 Table Tennis A/c 6
Handball 1 Weight Lifting 3
Tennis(Flood light) 2 A/C Gym 1
Throwball 1 Squash 1
Volleyball(Two with Flood light Courts) 3 Billiards 1
Football (5- a- side) 1 Rock Climbing 1
--- -- Snooker 1

Sports Achievements

Extremely happy to announce that Ms. Ananya Chouhan, Mechanical Engineering student, won Bronze Medal in J80 Class World Boat Championship (mixed category) held in Spain. In addition to it, the VIT Sports Teams have brought laurels by Winning Medals in the SPANDAN 2019, a National level tournament organized by Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (JIPMER), Puducherry and PEGASUS 2019, a National level tournament organized by Christian Medical College & Hospital , Vellore.

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