Students' Welfare

Small steps lead to big changes and so, every attempt is being made by the Office of Students' Welfare for the upliftment of the students. The management joins hands with VIT’S Clubs and Chapters to make every student find an environment where they can learn and grow, together. This provides for a very lively, fun, and resourceful community to employ their erudite years. Conscious of the influence these active years can have on the minds of the expectation of our nation and the globe, VIT endeavours to promote, introduce, and expand any and all ventures to shape their minds. This is why VIT has a well-organized structure that allows for daily activities being conducted by the Clubs and Chapters. These events are carefully approved and monitored to ensure the students’ growth. We also see several external participants gaining an opportunity to participate in our cultural and technical events. We believe our students are the future leaders and hence, we provide them with multiple opportunities to grow in this domain- Students can find their place in the Student Council or may even start a new Club or Chapter and get it approved from the Office of Students' Welfare. The University's student teams provide exposure and a cordial experience for students to interact with and work together. VIT expresses support by selecting students and distributing scholarships. The University also aids in issuing funding for National and International student competition participation.

The Office of Students' Welfare is responsible for a plethora of initiatives for the benefit of the students. The International Students' Welfare overlooks the foreign students’ academic progress, and if there is any issue, they step in and support them so they can have a general fruitful academic stay in the college. The college has a 0% tolerance policy for ragging and hence conducts several anti-ragging activities. To make sure that every child is looked after, each faculty is assigned around 20 children and they hold meetings with the students where they solve all their problems together. Also, several welfare activities are hosted for our Day Scholars and Day Boarders.

The primary aim of the Office of Students' Welfare is to make every student in VIT stay safe and we work hard towards this goal by joining hands with the Counselling Division. Every child is unique, and we provide them with a platform to hone their skills and emerge as better individuals.

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