Railway under Bridge

Southern Railways in partnership with VIT is providing a second Railway Under Bridge (RUB) to connect both sides of the VIT campus. This would be the second subway / RUB within the campus. The new RUB has two lanes for vehicles and two more for pedestrians. Southern Railways has completed pushing the precasted RUB under the railway tracks and very soon, pedestrians and vehicles would be able to move between the northern and southern parts of the campus with ease.

Transport Facilities

VIT has taken all efforts to ensure the commuting of students - both inside and outside - as comfortable and accessible as possible. The University buses transport all students from and to all locations in and around Vellore. This helps day scholars and local residents reach college on time with comfort. Shuttle Cabs run all around the college during all the active hours of the day.

Health care Facility

The healthcare facility is available round the clock at the VIT Health Centre. With 6453 sq. ft. space in the first floor & 1511 sq. ft. in ground floor of AL Mudalaiyar Block.

Combine Heat and Power

12T heat pump water heating systems are installed
10000 LPD flat plate solar water heating system are used

Wind Power

95 lakhs unit of power per year obtained from wind power

Solar Power

Total solar power installed in campus for capacity of 1113.3 kW
Solar energy panels generating 1, 30,000 units of power per month

Campus greenery

Almost entire campus is full of greenery and dedicated staff are available for Garden maintenance.

Hostel Kitchen Facilities

Multi-cuisines catering for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
Variety of Indian and International food items available.

Liquid waste management

Sewage treatment plant installed all over the Campus for about 4500 KLD
90% of waste water recycled and reused for Secondary applications like capacity flushing, gardening and Vehicle washing.

Solid Waste management

Segregation of waste at source 
Dedicated Staff for waste collection & disposal
Horticulture waste converted into manure by compositing facility