Fire Fighting System

VIT ensures to meet all its duties to provide a safe place of work and a healthy working environment for the students, faculties, staffs and members of public, who visits the University. We believe that health and safety is the highest priority of our strategic plan.

Fire is the major threat to life and infrastructure, an outbreak of even a blaze (minor fire), possess significant risks to the continuing research and teaching functions undertaken within the university.
In compliance with the guidelines of National Building Code 2016 Part IV ((fire and life safety system), VIT is committed to strictly adhere and upgrade all the duties, specified in the regulations. Team of experts will take necessary safety precautions for installation/maintenance /testing the fire protection systems. Periodic preventive maintenance records are documented, for the assessment of the equipment. Fire safety advisor, evacuation officer and fire warden, in regular intervals conducts safety classes, mock-up drills, demonstration and operation of different types of fire extinguishers for the employees, students and visitors.

Innovative Cooling systems

VIT has successfully scaled up an innovative cooling system, capable of providing 24hrs radiative cooling for the structures. The combined mode of passive cooling increases the energy efficiency, environment friendly and thermal comfort for the occupants in accordance with India cooling action plan (ICAP), which is being installed at 75,000 sq. ft airconditioned area located at Gandhi block.

Radiant cooling with indirect evaporative cooling system satisfies the cooling requirements of the studio type classrooms and the corridors and for the seminar halls and laboratories, radiant cooling with centralised chiller system is been installed to meet the cooling requirements. Comparing the same with other active cooling system, the innovative cooling system takes the advantage for the reduction of CO2 emission, energy savings, peak demand reductions, minimal payback period, reduce the potential airborne transmission of the virus.

Water Treatment Plant

VIT is providing treated drinking water to all the inmates as well as other purposes. This is achieved by 1480 KLD Water Treatment plant, 675 KLD for Chiller plant with Softener, UF, RO, and 805 KLD with Softener for Domestic purpose.

Central Cooling System

Cooling demand in the university buildings has highly contributed for the electrical consumption for decades, to cater to the need of cooling requirement, highly energy efficient centralized chiller system has been installed in the university. The central cooling system consists of 5500 ton of water-cooled chiller plant (3000 TR for North Zone and 2500 TR South Zone), is in operation. 6 lakhs sq.ft of area connected with chilled water system at South Zone, 5 lakhs sq.ft area of 2900 rooms are connected with chilled water system at North Zone, 2.7 lakhs sq.ft area of 1514 room connected with chilled water system in Ladies hostels and 3 lakhs sq.ft area at Gandhi block, Silver Jubilee Tower and Library are connected with Chilled water system in Academic side. This is taking 40% of energy consumed by the conventional cooling system.

Railway under Bridge

VIT possess two underpasses underneath railway lines, for the easy commute for the students and staff members from academic side to hostel side. Southern Railways in partnership with VIT constructed, second Railway Under Bridge (RUB) to connect both sides of the VIT campus. The latest RUB has two lanes for vehicles and two more for pedestrians. Southern Railways is in the finishing stage of pre-casted RUB underneath the railway tracks and very soon, pedestrians and vehicles would be able to move between the northern and southern parts of the campus with ease.

Transport Facilities

VIT ensures the commuting of students, both inside and outside, as comfortable and accessible as possible. The University buses transport students across all locations in and around Vellore. This helps day scholars to reach college on time with comfort. Shuttle Cabs run all around the college during the active hours of the day.

Health care Facility

The healthcare facility is available round the clock at the VIT Health Centre. The health care centre has 6453 sq. ft. space in the first floor and 1511 sq.ft. in ground floor in the AL Mudalaiyar Block.

Solar water Heater

Solar water heater and water heat pump have been installed at each hostel block to supply hot water. 120 kw heat pump, water heating systems are installed and 47500 litres per day of hot water requirement is fulfilled by flat plate solar water heating system.

Wind Power

VIT executed an agreement with wind power producing company for wheeling 95 lakhs unit of power per year in all the slots C1 to C5 and leading the academic institute in terms of renewable power usage (wind and solar).

Solar Power

VIT aims to reduce the in-house energy consumption by installing Solar PV panels in all the building roof tops in the campus for the capacity of 2113.3 kWp. Solar PV panels generating 2,60,000 units of power per month on an average.