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Transport Facilities

VIT has taken all efforts to ensure the commuting of students - both inside and outside - as comfortable and accessible as possible. The University buses transport all students from and to all locations in and around Vellore. This helps day scholars and local residents reach college on time with comfort. With a luxurious and large campus, travelling from one building to another during urgent hours might be tough. In order to solve this issue, Shuttle Cabs run all around the college during all the active hours of the day. Shuttle cabs not only take students from any point to any point, but they do so at meagre prices.

Banks and ATMs

VIT has setup multiple ATM's of sevelral different banks across the university. These are statergicaly located for easy access by out students.

All Mart

 All Mart is a multi-purpose shopping mall spread over 3000 square feet. It stocks a variety of student needs from food to mattresses, clothing and accessories to greeting cards. Students and faculty also have access to a tailoring facility on campus.


VIT is foodies paradise with eateries located across the university campus. These serve wholesome cuisine for the health counsiousness and fast food for those intended in a quick bite between classes.

Campus Aminities

The campus is a self-sufficient enclave with black-topped, well-lit roads. Its facilities include a Canteen, a Post Office, STD/ISD pay phones, Courier Service, a Book Store for all kinds of Text Books and Stationery, Copier facilities, even a Digital Photo Studio. Standby power generators are provided in the institute, hostels and the well-maintained gardens. A cable television facility is provided on each floor of each hostel.