Alumna ties up with UN to spread love to Syrian orphans

At the onset of an exodus that has uprooted more than 11 million people from their own homeland by inhumane acts of terror, the Syrian refugee crisis is one of the most gruelling humanitarian challenges we have ahead of us today.

What makes it all the more worse is the very fact that 7 million, which is more than half of the total refugees having fled from Syria , are innocent little children who are bearing the brunt of a war they surely didn't start. Dystopia is something that incessantly prevails in today's world. We have read about the torture, viewed videos painstakingly, shared them amongst our network; but what difference have you really made ?!

In an effort to provide justice to that very compelling question, 23-year old Ms.Pooja Pradeep, an alumnus of VIT University, a Mechanical ( Specialised in Energy ) Engineer turned Educator, along with a global team of enthusiastic humanitarians, have come up with “ Letters Of Love ” ; a global initiative seeking collaboration with UNHCR Gaziantep , Turkey , that aims at spreading smiles to the Syrian refugee children in it's community centres and camps and also provide for winter essentials for the children with it's fundraiser.. All it takes is for you to facebook inbox your happy photograph and two lines of heartfelt message that shall help you gift a syrian refugee child a personalised photocard with warm wishes for a hopeful 2016 and also donate humbly to help the children thrive and survive the approaching freezing winter of Turkey.

Letters of Love can be found on
facebook on : Upon receiving your photograph and message, the former shall be printed out and the latter , translated into Syrian Arabic and written by hand to ensure a human touch to the letter, which shall thereafter be couriered to the camps in Turkey by mid December . The package of love shall reach the children just in time for New Year's along with the raised funds that shall be duly transferred by December 31st, to UNHCR Gaziantep , Turkey.

Within just 3 week's of its launch, Letters of Love is already gaining poularity in it's mission of sensitising the masses and spreading awareness of the crisis with over 600 letters of love from over 20 countries, Teach For India ( TFI ) fellows and school teachers enrolling themselves to take up the cause in their classrooms and also encourage their students to empathise with their Syrian contemporaries , a recent collaboration with Make A Difference (MAD) ,India who have agreed to engage in the initiative with its 5000+kids and 4000+ volunteers and also “To Syria, With Warmth” , it's week old fundraiser on , raising more than Rs 80,000 already.