APCA renews pact with VIT for prisoner rehabilitation

The Academy of Prisons and Correctional Administration (APCA) today renewed its Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the VIT University in Vellore.

A VIT statement here said the Mulla Committee on Prison Reforms, 1983,had suggested a number of measures for the rehabilitation of prisoners and correctional administration in prisons, and had suggested the training of prison officers in these areas.

APCA has been striving to implement these reforms through training the prison officials across the country.

APCA and VIT have been associated in the conduct of many such training programmes.

The signing of the MOU formalized their association, taking it to greater heights.

The MoU was signed by Dr M R Ahmed, Director, APCA and Dr.G.Viswanathan, Chancellor, VIT University at the University premises.

The MoU would be in operation for five years.

The objectives of the MOU were development of a collaborative working relationship between VIT and APCA with regard to correctional administrationand to undertake collaborative Research in the areas of interest of Correctional Administration and Management Development.

The terms of agreement include devising mechanisms for the development of faculty of APCA, programmes on 'Management Skills for Prison Officers', developing of standardized training modules especially those related to management and prison administration, internship programme for trainee officers of APCA at VIT, starting of Certificate and Diploma courses on topics related to correctional administration and management development and joint training programmes, workshops, seminars, working with Prisons Departments and for functionaries of the Criminal Justice System.

During the period 2011-16, VIT faculty members acted as Resource persons for many training programmes for the Prison Officers.

Six Change Management programmes for the prison officials, each of fivedays' duration were held during this period.

Also, a Personality Development Programme and an Executive Development programme was conducted.

Besides this, an ICSSR funded research project as well as a doctoral research were carried out to assess the stress levels of prison officers, under trial and convicted prisoners in the Vellore prisons, the statementsaid.