Startups in VIT

What defines students is their ability to ideate and perceive the world outside in a whole new dimension filled with knowledge and passion. Every student has the potential to change the world.

The start-up culture has been growing in India over the past few years, aided by ingenious ideas in several sectors. At VIT, we expose students to both an international standard of education and to varied opportunities, helping them make the world a better place.

Students from VIT are constantly engrossed in extracurricular activities and are encouraged to pursue such interests. This gives them the courage to start companies/businesses while studying. Many of these ventures have gone on to become reputed companies


Kraftigo was formed as a step to protect the unattended interests of the Indian craftsmen. We realized, on visiting a plethora of villages based in southern India, the beauty that lay in Indian craft forms. We aim to provide them with a proper platform to connect with interested customers while our continuous innovative support will ensure that they stay acquainted with the market trends.


And it all began with one question, as it most often does- Why can't my food taste good, be natural, easy to make and be good for my body? At Bhukkad, we are proud to say that we have cracked the code. We make food that's fast, natural, exciting, awesome to taste and easy on the pocket. The dream is now real.

The pen world

A online shoping store for pens

Pens from the best brands Lamy, Sheaffer, Cross, Monteverde, Pierre Cardin, Pelikan, Rudi Kellner. Fastest Service gaurenteed


An NGO-Community motivation and development

An operation initiated by the first semester students of VIT university seeking social transformation and improvements in quality of rural life


Providing better study material and comparisions bw different colleges.

The vision behind helpmyprep is to provide a one stop solution to all student needs on how should they deal with all the problems that they face after their 12th standard.This will help them to choose the right path and achieve their goals.


Tech head of IEEE-App that Detects Leprosy at early age.

A startup aimed at creating a easy and cheap way to diagnose Leprosy among pateints. A sophisticated algorithm based on a large image database of leprosy lesions underlies their application, which enables them to predict within minutes if a skin lesion is an indication of leprosy


We are a team of software architects, developers and designers and we like building new products for the web. With an experience of over 4 years and more than 150 companies served in India and abroad, we are the one solution to all your software development & IT needs.Our products in the E-Commerce, Retail and Manufacturing are enabling companies to empower themselves with automation and next generation technologies

Spells Event Management

A start-up that aims to carry out debates around India along with various other events like MUNs.

Spells Event Management is a student-run organization. With an idea to bring about a well deserved change, we believe that creation and dissemination of knowledge is essential for any effective management. We aim to produce, organize and manage events immersive and innovative, enhanced and backed up by skilled professionals. Spells looks forward to captivate and inspire the youth of the country and hone individuals who will become the face of the nation.

Bazinga Labs

A fun loving startup that develops various industrial products.

It is not just their knowledge of iPhone application development—the factor that sets them apart is their approach towards a new project. their development team ensures that they understand our application in detail not just from technical perspective, but also appreciate the business end of it, thus delivering a quality iPhone app. Their iPhone application developers, designers, and program managers are experts at getting the right balance between client's ideas, iPhone platform standards, user experience and expectations, as well as technical challenges and possibilities in the project.

Vellore shopping, yellow consulting

E-store and a digital marketing firm.

Online Shopping / classifieds


Helps businesses outsource micro-tasks that require human intellience.

SquadRun is a real life game that offers its players real missions with real rewards! Complete missions like hash-tagging images, giving feedback on apps, matching items or categorizing products. Easy, quick missions which, if done correctly, will get you exciting rewards. SquadRun enables businesses to outsource small tasks to a mobile army (players) to collect, collate useful information, moderate and categorize content, collect opinions across demographics etc.

Cardiac Design Labs

Designs medical equipment

Cardiac Design Labs is a Bangalore based start-up company engaged in the design and development of, state-of-the-art, next generation medical products. Innovation is a hybrid of conventional wisdom and the evolving intellect, aptly applied to design solutions that address the future needs of customers even better than they could have imagined.

Classified website for student.

Students Kart is India’s first free online classified for students. It has been started to provide a special facility to students studying far away from or near home. Students can buy or sell items from an array of products such as books, electronics, bikes or more within their college!


Vitacademics App

Application for Vit academics.

A life saver for all the students in VIT! This app calculates attendance,displays a detailed time table including professor names and classroom numbers! Also, gives updates on marks scored , and calculates your internals. An app every phone in VIT will have, without fail.