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Academic Staff College (ASC)

Dean's Message

Higher Education Institutions across the globe are actively engaged in innovations like Digital Intervention, online courses and other radical changes in pedagogy. It becomes imperative to evaluate faculty performance in terms of Teaching, research, consultancy, International collaborations and administrative abilities.

VIT’s Academic Staff College is engaged in continuous research in association with various professional bodies from both public and private sectors to ensure well focused quality faculty development programs. Programs range from one month faculty orientation program to one day domain specific ones like research, technical and technology, Analytics, Curriculum framing strategies, finance, health, and behavioural training programs throughout the year.

ASC conducts FDPs, Workshops and Virtual Conferences partnering with international experts from reputed organizations and institutions. Industry Institute Interactions carve a niche’ in the quality of learning and training. I express my faith that the Vision of Vellore Institute of Technology to join the list of Top 200 world class Universities will soon become a reality. On behalf of ASC, VIT, I wish that all the faculty members perform beyond expectations in the areas of teaching, research and international knowledge collaborations.