Centre for NanoBiotechnology (CNBT)

Micro plastics - an invisible danger to human health

The Centre for NanoBioTechnology (CNBT) at VIT, Vellore facilitates cutting edge research of global standards through our dedicated faculty and students, and applies the acquired scientific knowledge towards overall improvement of human life. While a number of studies show negative effects of plastics on nervous system, hormones, and immune system, the research team at VIT are now trying to understand how the basic machinery of body interacts with plastic particles.

Prof. Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Prof. Amitava Mukherjee and their colleagues have observed the interaction of nano plastics with blood proteins and cells demonstrating their adverse effects on human health. The group has proved nano-plastics aggregate in blood, obstructing its flow in body and render blood proteins non-functional.


Micro plastics - an invisible danger to human health - The Hindu BusinessLine


Plastics – the wonder material known for its durability, stability and affordability – has become a major environmental challenge in recent years. This pervasive nature of plastic in environment has l