Centre for Nanotechnology Research (CNR)

Research Scholars


Sl. No Reg. No Student Name Category Research Work
1 12PHD0257 Chaitra V Ext. Part-time Polymer thin film based sensor system for foodborne pathogen detection
2 14PHD0318 Tamil Selvi G Int. Full-time Development of MXene based printed and flexible biosensors
3 14PHD0475 Jaidass N Int. Full-time  
4 15PHD0052 Kavitha S Int. Full-time Isolation and Purification of antifouling compounds from marine actinomycetes
5 15PHD0073 Varunkumar K Int. Full-time P-type Photocathodes for solar hydrogen
6 15PHD0120 G. Subashini Int. Full-time Development of Pt-free metal nitride based counter electrode for Dye sensitized solar cells
7 16PHD0029 Revathi B Int. Full-time Synthesis and Characterization of multiferroic BMO for fibre optic magnetic sensor applications
8 16PHD0304 Chandunika R K Int. Full-time Manganese ferrite as magnetic agent for hyperthermia, drug delivery and magnetic resonance imaging
9 16PHD0343 Sofia Jeniffer R Int. Full-time Biomass-derived carbon for supercapcitor applications
10 16PHD0347 Ahmaduddin Khan Int. Full-time Magnetic nanoparticles mediated drug delivery for cancer therapy
11 16PHD0436 V. Aravindhan Int. Full-time Green synthesized nano materials for marine application
12 16PHD0459 Shweta Rajani Int. Full-time Havan ash as Adsorbent of Heavy Metals
13 16PHD0497 Ganesan S Ext. Part-time Application of blockchain technology renewable energy applications
14 16PHD0526 Lipsa Dash Ext. Part-time Efficient communication and network systems for nano devices
15 16PHD0642 Kannan G Int. Full-time Development of metal organic framework derived materials as electrodes for electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction
16 17PHD0033 Arunima Rajan S Int. Full-time Anisotropic Magnetite Nanostructured materials for hyperthermia
17 17PHD0042 Vijayakanth Vembakam Int. Full-time Effect of zwitterionic dispersant on colloidal stability and Electron magnetic relaxation hyperthermia properties of monodisperse magnetic nanoparticles
18 17PHD0096 Barkha Rani Int. Full-time Ferrite-based nanomaterials for supercapacitors
19 18PHD0116 Velappan S Ext. Part-time High Temperature Ceramics nano-composites
20 18PHD0174 C. Kalaiselvi Int. Full-time Metal Oxide Nanostructures and Mesocrystals for Environmental Applications
21 18PHD0237 Vijaya Babu Mullapudi Int. Full-time Development of MXenes based printed flexible resistance pressure sensors for vital signs monitor
22 18PHD0250 Sitaaraman S R Int. Full-time Unassisted Solar water splitting using tandem cells
23 18PHD0263 M. Ramesh Aravind Int. Full-time Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Energy Storage Applications
24 18PHD0265 Karthikeyan R Int. Full-time Synthesis and characterization of bio-nanocomposite based slow release fertilizer
25 18PHD0269 Vinodhini V Int. Full-time Development of efficient magnetic hyperthermia and biocompatible core-shell magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy
26 19PHD0232 Vimala A Int. Full-time  
27 19PHD0325 Suruthi Priya N Int. Full-time Interface engineering of Perovskite solar cells - Fabrication and testing
28 19PHD0392 M. Keerthana Int. Full-time Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Sensor Applications
29 19PHD0414 Arunkumar P S Int. Full-time Lead free Perovskite Solar cells
30 19PHD0479 Shriswaroop S Int. Full-time MXenes based flexible perovskite solar cells
31 19PHD0482 Arghya Chakravorty Int. Full-time 3D Printed Sensors for Detection of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
32 19PHD0484 Dharshini S T Int. Full-time Design and Implementation of low-cost air filter for particulate matter pollution
33 19PHD0518 Jito Jose Int. Full-time Nanomaterials for Thermoelectric Applications
34 19PHD0533 Suresh Kumar C Int. Full-time Development of MXenes based printed flexible capacitance pressure sensor for vital signs monitor
35 20PHD0069 Roshini Xavier Int. Full-time Tungsten Oxide (Wo3) thin films for Gas Sensing Applications
36 20PHD0135 Shalu Singh Int. Full-time Redox Active Composite Materials for High Energy Supercapacitors
37 20PHD0155 Tharani G R Int. Full-time Synthesis of Hybrid Nanomaterials for Biosensing and Bioimaging applications
38 20PHD0252 Shalmali Sudhindra Int. Full-time Ferrite nanostructured materials in cancer therapeutics
39 20PHD0278 Nandhini K Int. Full-time Growth and characterizations of second order stilbazolium derivative organic Nonlinear optical (NLO) single crystals
40 20PHD0296 Janani A Int. Full-time Tailoring Intermediate Band in Indium Sulfide thin films by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Technique for Efficient Solar Cell Applications
41 20PHD0326 K Sathish Kumar Int. Full-time Surface Modification on Aluminium Alloys by Laser shock peening
42 20PHD0388 Soly Mathew Int. Full-time Design and development of Carbon based printed flexible capacitance pressure sensors for vital sing monitor
43 20PHD0453 Aarcha A. M Int. Full-time Nanobiosensor for detection of lacatate
44 20PHD0482 Ravikumar T Int. Full-time Zinc ferrite (ZnFe2O4) Thin Film for Gas Sensing Applications
45 20PHD0483 Sukumaran Pillai R Int. Full-time Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Memristor for Neuromorphic computing
46 20PHD0529 Dhanavardhini K Int. Full-time Facile Synthesis of Various Rare Earth Doped Hybrid Carbon Quantum Dots For Theranostic Applications.
47 20PHD0584 Paul Matthew Int. Full-time Synthesis and Characterisation of Biocompatible Smart Nanoswimmers for Bioimaging and Theranostic Applications
48 20PHD0596 Rohit Ramesh Nimje Int. Full-time Modeling and simulation of Nano-scale MOS devices
49 20PHD0613 Sankhadeep Bose Int. Full-time Improving mechanical and thermal properties of nano and nano-composite materials for energy applications
50 20PHD0679 Femy Raju Int. Full-time Shape selective iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications
51 20PHD0819 S. Preethi Sudha Int. Full-time Pressure Sensor
52 20PHD0833 Anju Thomas Int. Full-time Sulphur doped Metal oxide thin films for gas sensing applications
53 20PHD0870 Sathish M Int. Full-time Investigation and fabrication of Transparent dye sensitized and perovskite solar cells
54 20PHD0928 Chirag Ahuja Int. Full-time Ultra high sensitive nano- biosensor for detection of uric acid and its infection diagnosis.
55 20PHD0943 Pooja Panda Int. Full-time Design and fabrication of Mxene patch antenna for RF applications in GHz range
56 20PHD2018 T. Malathy Int. Full-time Gas Sensors
57 20PHD2130 Arya Babu Int. Full-time Development and fabrication of 2D materials as alternate counter electrodes for flexible DSSCs