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Centre for Crystal Growth (CCG)

S.No Project Title Investigator(s) Funding Agency Amount(Lakhs of Rs.) Period
Ongoing and Completed Research Projects:
1 Fabrication and characterization of magnetic impurity doped CuGaS2 thin films for high efficiency intermediate band solar cell application Dr.S.Kalainathan DST-JSPS INR 15,14,200 2017-2019
2 Investigation of luminescence property and scintillation mechanisms of 1,1,4,4-tetraphenyl-1,3-butadine organic scintillation single crystal for fast neutron detection Dr.S.Kalainathan DST-SERB INR21.705 Lakhs 2016-2019
3 Development of Room Temperature Ferromagnetic,Transparent,Conducting Mn,Fe doped ITO thin films Dr.S.Kaleemulla UGC-DAE-CSR Kalpakam INR6.85 Lakh 2015-2018
4 Laser Peening of Alpha Titanium Alloys Dr.S.Kalainathan DST-SERB INR41.75600 Lakhs 2014-2017
5 Growth and characterization of 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene(3PB)by solution growth method Dr.S.Kalainathan BRNS INR 13.10 Lakhs 2014-2017
6 Study of hydrophobic nature of polyamide – phenol/phenolic resin complexes using water contact angle measurement Dr.M.Malathi DRDO Rs.19.50 Lakhs 2014-2017
7 Microwave synthesis of NiMg and NiMgZn ferrites for electromagnetic interference shielding Dr.W.Madhuri DRDO Rs.16lakhs 2014-2017
8 Growth and Characterization of PMN-PT Single crystals Dr.S.Kalainathan DRDO-NRB INR 32.415Lakhs 2013-2015
9 Growth and Characterization of oxide&;single & crystals using optical floating zone technique Dr. S. Kalainathan UGC-DAE INR 6.524 Lakhs 2012-2015
10 Growth and Characterisation of& Diluted magnetic semiconducting (DMS) crystal Lead Sulphide doped with Manganse, Europium and Gadolinium by Bridgeman technique Dr. S. Kalainathan CSIR INR 18.92 Lakhs 2012-2015
11 Growth and Characterization of New Nonlinear Optical Stilbazolium crystal 4-N,N- dimethylamino-4-N-methyl-stilbazolium 2 napthalenesulfonate(DSNS) Dr. S. Kalainathan DRDO INR 21.65 Lakhs 2012-2015
12 Investigations for Room temperature ferromagnetism in Cr, Fe, Ni and Cu-doped In2O3thin films for spintronic applications Dr.S. Kaleemulla UGC-DAE-CSR Kalpakam 7,47183/- 2011 -2015
13 Growth and Characterization of High NLO Organic crystal 3-Methyl 4-Methoxy 4’-Nitrostilbene (MMONS) Dr. S. Kalainathan DST INR 25 Lakhs 2010-2013
14 Study of dielectric properties if polyamide – phenol compounds for use as thermo-sensitive and humidity sensitive device. Dr. M.Malathi DST Rs.13,796 Lakhs 2009-2012
15 FIST PROJECT Dr. S. Kalainathan DST INR 91.50 Lakhs 2008-2011
16 Development of Single Crystal Thallium Activated Cesium Iodide and Adaptation for g- Spectroscopy Dr. S. Kalainathan IGCAR INR 17.40 Lakhs 2007-2010
17 Study of dielectric properties of  polymer-phenol complexes using Time Domain Reflectometry Dr. M.Malathi DRDO Rs.14.387 lakhs 2006-2009
18 Study of dielectric properties if polyamide – phenol compounds for use as thermo-sensitive and humidity sensitive device. Dr. M.Malathi DST Rs.1.92 Lakhs 2006-2008
19 Fabrication of Electro Optic Modulator using 4 – Dimethyl amino – N –methyl 4 – Stilbazolium Tosylate (DAST) Dr. S. Kalainathan DRDO INR 14.85 Lakhs 2006 - 2008
20 Growth of High Quality NLO Crystal 4- Dimethylamino- N-Methyl - 4- Stilbazolium Tosylate (DAST) Dr. S. Kalainathan DRDO INR 17.69 Lakhs 2003 – 2006