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Centre for Nanotechnology Research (CNR)

Nanomaterials for Energy Harvesting and Storage

  • Solar Cells: Electrode Materials for DSSC - Perovskite Solar cells
  • Solar Fuels: Electrochemical and  Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting - CO2 reduction - Hydrocarbon fuels
  • Supercapacitor Electrodes: Graphene and 2D materials, porous carbons derived from biomass - polymers, bio-derived porous carbon - Flexible and micro supercapacitors for portable electronics
  • Thermal Energy storage: Modelling and Simulation of Nanosalts - Design of thermocline Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems - Design criteria of nanomaterials with enhanced thermal properties

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials

  • Synthesis: 1D and 2D materials (Growth by Physical and Chemical approach) - Hybrid Nanomaterials – MOFs, Nanocomposites - Inorganic Nanomaterials
  • Characterization: Raman and UV-Visible Spectroscopy - AFM/STM/SPM, Solar Simulators – Electrochemical workstation - Standard Chemical and Physical Analysis

Modelling and Simulation of Nanomaterials and Devices

  • Nanomaterials: First principle, Molecular Dynamic Simulation and  semi-empirical modelling and simulation of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials - Simulation of 2D-material Plasmonics
  • Semiconductor Devices: IR Photodetectors - Graphene Transistors – OLED – Oxide TFT - Growth Simulation of transparent conductive materials and III-V materials
  • Sensors: Design of gas sensor testing kit - Food sensors for pathogen detection

Bio and Environmental Nanotechnology

  • Nanomedicine: Nanomaterials for Drug delivery systems Magnetic-materials for Hyperthermia - Biosensors for detection of toxic metals and microbial - DNA detection and Isolation - Magnetic and Fluorescent materials for bio-imaging and sensing - Cancer Theranostics; Wearable Biosensors
  • Agricultural Nanotechnology: Nanoencapsulation for smart delivery of nutrients - Nanoformulations for crop protection - Nanomaterials for active food packaging
  • Environmental Nanotechnology: CO2 adsorption and conversion - Treatment of e-waste and recovery of precious metals; Oil Spillage treatment, Water purification - Photocatalysis and treatment process for Heavy metal ion removal - Anti-corrosive and Anti-fouling coatings - Thin Film sensors for detection of environmental pollutants