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Dr. Bruno D’ Aguanno begins as Visiting Professor

VELLORE: As part of its endeavour to invite some of the most brilliant minds in the areas of education and research which Vellore Institute of Technology has committed itself to, VIT has now appointed Dr. Bruno D’ Aguanno as a Visiting Professor at the Centre for Nanotechnology Research.

At VIT, Dr. D’Aguanno will not only deliver will also conduct joint research on nano devices, systems and materials for thermal energy storage by collaborating with members of the centre. The collaboration will enrich scientific and technical cooperation and implementation of joint research activities between VIT and leading European Universities and Research Institutions. VIT encourages such visiting professorships to five a fillip to the global excellence and stature and to strengthen research capabilities and thus increasing research output, impact and citation.

A former Scientific Director of CIC Energigune, the new energy research centre in Spain to generate knowledge and develop technology through research, Dr. D’ Aguanno is also an Expert Adviser of the Solar Energy Research Centre of the Southeast University at Nanjing, China. In addition, he is also the Scientific Adviser at Koine Multi Media in Pisa, Italy.

His specialisation includes research about materials and devices for thermal energy storage, design of advanced nano fluids for energy applications, heat storage in concentrated solar power plants and heat recovery and management in manufacturing industries. At present, Dr. Aguanno is a member of the European Energy Research Alliance on CSP and Energy Storage. He is also a coordinator for many research and industrial projects and principal investigator of 3 active H2020 research projects.

A member of the European Research Alliance as representative of CIC Energigune in Spain, he had earlier served as a member of EERA for fuel cell and hydrogen, and member of the International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy, as an energy expert.