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Internal Research Scholars

Research Associates

Name - Vigneshwaran. S
Reg no. - 16PHD0540
Title - Geospatial Based Study of Urban Heat Island and its Impact on Landuse / Landcover Change
Name - Kuunreddy Srinivasreddy
Reg no. - 16PHD0571
Supervisor - Dr.Balamurugan.S
Title - Shear behaviour of ternary blended geopolymer concrete beams with Msand as fine aggregates
Name - Avuthu Narender reddy
Reg no. - 16PHD0008
Supervisor - Dr. T. Meena
Title - Strength and Durability Assessment of Tetranary Blended Nano Concrete
Name - Giphin George
Reg no. - 16PHD0382
Supervisor - Dr. M.P Saravanakumar
Title - Layered double hydroxides and its carbon coated derivative: Synthesis, Characterization and its application on textile dye adsorption
Name - Annu T Mathew
Reg no. - 18PHI0001
Supervisor - Dr. M.P. Saravanakumar
Title - A study on adsorption of EDC's using nanoparticles
Name - Saridhe Sriram Pradeep
Reg no. - 16PHD0066
Supervisor - Dr. S. Thirumalini
Title - Study on Self Healing Behaviour of Organic Modified Lime Mortars
Name - Chunchu Bala Rama Krishna
Reg no. - 16PHD0124
Supervisor - Dr.P.Jagadeesh
Title - Assessment of binary blended Self Compacting Concrete behaviour replacing partial fine aggregate with electronic plastic waste as HIPS
Name - Sruthi Thangallapalli
Reg no. - 18PHD0224
Supervisor - Dr. Dillip Kumar Barik
Title - Integrated Watershed Management
Name - Shivakumar M
Reg no. - 16PHD0322
Supervisor - Dr S Thirumalini
Title - Material characterization on historic mortars
Name - Anandapadmanaban K
Reg no. - 18PHD0030
Supervisor - Dr.M.Suneel Kumar
Title - strength and behaviour of concrete filled stainless steel tubular columns at elevated temperatures.
Name - Shaik Madeena Imam Shah
Reg no. - 17PHD0102
Supervisor - Dr.M.Suneel Kumar
Title - Seismic Performances Of CFST Columns
Name - Tata Sravani
Reg no. - 19PHD0008
Supervisor - Dr. Prasanna Venkatesan.R
Title - Developing framework for Sustainable Building Construction
Name - Manoj kumar N
Reg no. - 17PHD0078
Supervisor - Dr. B. Sri Muruganandam
Title - Assessment of size segregated airborne particulate matter
Name - Basil M Joseph
Reg no. - 16PHD0515
Supervisor - Dr. T S VISWANATHAN
Title - Manfacturing of Artificial Geopolymer Aggregates
Name - Shishodiya Ghanshyam Singh
Reg no. - 18PHD0166
Supervisor - Dr. S. Vasantha Kumar
Title - Study of Roadside Friction Elements and its Impact on Capacity and LOS under heterogeneous Traffic Conditions
Name - Manikanta Devarangadi
Reg no. - 17PHD0011
Supervisor - Dr Uma Shankar M
Title - Studies on Industrial wastes as a liner in a landfill
Reg no. - 16PHD0570
Supervisor - Dr. S S Chandrasekaran
Title - Investigation of Rainfall Induced Landslides and Design of Site specific Remedial Measures
Reg no. -
Supervisor - Dr. Sreevalsa Kolathayar
Title - Bio-Remediation of Soils
Name - Srinivas Akula
Reg no. - 19PHD0214
Supervisor - Dr. J.Jaya Prakash
Title - Textile Reinforced Mortar
Name - V S Meganathan
Reg no. - 19PHD0051
Supervisor - Sreevalsa Kolathayar
Title - Evaluation of Subgrade Soil Using Geo-Synthetics in Flexible Pavement
Reg no. - 19PHD0245
Supervisor - DIVYA PRIYA B
Title - Bio-remedial techniques for heavy metal contamination in soils
Name - Konichetti Vinay
Reg no. - 18PHD0088
Supervisor - Dr.M.Muthu kumar
Title - Improving the Performance of Pervious Concrete Pavements using Geocells
Name - K. Varun Teja
Reg no. - 16PHD0005
Supervisor - Dr. T. Meena
Title - Behaviour of Perlite Incorporated Concrete at Elevated Temperatures
Name - Balakumar K
Reg no. - 18PHD0193
Supervisor - Dr.G.Velvizhi
Title - Conversion of Municipal Solid Waste to Biofuels and Biochemicals through Acetogenesis and Gas Fermentation Processes
Name - Aravindan K
Reg no. - 16PHD0128
Supervisor - Dr.T.S.Viswanathan
Title - Punching shear strength of Flat Slab with Opening
Name - S. Reehana
Reg no. - 18PHD0143
Supervisor - Dr. M.Muthukumar
Title - Static and dynamic characteristics of fibre reinforced soil subjected to seasonal temperature cycles
Name - V.Vignesh
Reg no. - 18PHD0216
Supervisor - Dr. M.Muthukumar
Title - Study on the Behaviour of Helical Pile in Soft Clay Under Combined Uplift and Lateral Loading
Name - Parthiban L
Reg no. - 16PHD0188
Supervisor - Amit B. Mahindrakar
Title - Statistical Downscaling of Climate Models
Reg no. - 18PHD0043
Supervisor - Dr. S. Shantha Kumar
Title - Two Stage Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate-An Oxidation And Phycoremediation
Reg no. - 18PHD0261
Title - Landslide Rainfall and Earthquake Induced
Name - Chunchu Bala Rama Krishna
Reg no. - 16PHD0124
Supervisor - Dr.P.Jagadeesh
Title - Assessment of binary blended Self Compacting Concrete behaviour replacing partial fine aggregate with electronic plastic waste as HIPS

Research Scholars - Full Time

Name - Hemath Naveen.K.S
Reg no. - 12PHD0149
Supervisor - Dr.A.N.Brijesh Nair
Title - Profiling of the pollutants in the lake water and its impacts in Gudiyattam(vellore district)
Name - Kolimi Shaiksha Vali
Reg no. - 15PHD0239
Supervisor - Dr.Balamurugan.S
Title - A Research study on Structural performance of artificial light weight aggregate concrete
Name - Saranya D
Reg no. - 16PHD0156
Supervisor - Dr. S. Shanthakumar
Title - Microalgae potential in tannery effluent treatment: An integrated approach for CO2 mitigation
Name - Samuel Kotey
Reg no. - 19PHD0271
Supervisor - Dr. Shanmuga Priya
Title - The Impact of Technical Education training on Artisanal/skilled training in the Ghanaian Construction Industry
Name - Emmanuel Nana Jackson
Reg no. - 19PHD0272
Supervisor - Dr. Shanmuga Priya
Title - Risk Analysis And Mitigation Measures Of Construction Projects In Ghana
Name - Akomah Benjamin Boahene
Reg no. - 19PHD0273
Title - An integrated construction project performance model for public construction projects in Ghana