Pongal festival celebrations in vit university was a sight to behold as students from all walks of life stood united and embraced the festival as their own. Telugu students sang tamil folk songs ,Chinese students cooked Pongal while African students danced to the tunes of tharai and thappattai(percussion instruments ). This was the scenario of the Pongal festival organised by VIT University’s Pavendhar Bharathidasan Tamil Mandram on 13 jan ( Tuesday).

The day was abound with various events such as silambatam,karagattam, poikaal kuthirai, kokaliyattam . moreover , tamil songs were also sung by the students. An exhibition of ancient Tamil literature, ancient coins and ancient literary works grabbed eye balls and was the centre of attention. Vit University Chancellor

Dr G vishwanathan , vice presidents G.V. Selvam & Mr. Sekar viswanathan , Graced the occasion with their presence and were felicitated with parivattam(turbans). The chancellor symbolically stirred the pongal in a pot. Student welfare director Dr. K. Kannabiran and SSL Director John Sundar David also took part in the festivities.

Hopefully the students will keep up their zeal and gusto in the coming years.!