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Riviera 2019 - Day 2

Day 2 of VIT Riviera: VIT students from different states bring out national integration through `Aikya’


Students of Vellore Institute of Technology hailing from different states of India brought home the concept of national integration through `Aikya’ (integration), which gave a glimpse of the cultures and traditions of the different states during the second day of Riviera’2019, the annual International Sports and Cultural Carnival hosted by the VIT here on Friday.
The Andhra Pradesh team gave a performance on the Kanaka Durga Temple, a unique and famous shrine in Vijayawada. Team Assam performed their traditional Bihu and Sattriya dances. The students from Bihar performed on the theme of `Kanwar Yatra’, annual pilgrimage to holy places, and the rise of Chandragupta Maurya, founder of the Maurya dynasty.
For the first time, the Delhi team showcased the monuments and rap culture of the capital city. The Gujarat team performed the `Garba’ dance, a simple dance performed in synchronised circular movements. The Karnataka team showcased the dance forms like Kudagu, Ummathat, Bolakkat and Goravara Kunitha, which are traditional and modified folklore style performances from Karnataka.
The team from Kerala—termed as God’s own country—exhibited its traditional harvest dance, Thiruvathira (the traditional Onam dance), Margamkali (Christian wedding dance) and Vattapat (Muslim boys’ wedding dance), apart from Kerala Nadanam and semi classical dance forms. The Maharashtra team took the audience through the different dances and focussed on the ancient king Chatrapathi Sivaji. Manipur students performed `Jagoi’, one of India’s major classical dance forms in colourful and vibrant dress, named `Phige Phijol’. This dance depicts the pride every Manipuri girl has after marrying her beloved, in wearing her first `Phige Phijol’, the bridal dress.

The Odisha team displayed Odissi and Sambalpuri dance styles. The Odissi dance conveys the story of the determination and sacrifice of the little boy, Dharmpada in building the Konark Sun Temple, which is a sheer inspiration to everyone. The students from Punjab performed a play on Bhagat Singh and the British officer, exhibiting various dance styles on Boliyan, Gidda and Bhangara.
Tamil Nadu students performed the traditional and folk dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Silambattam, Oyilattam, Kolattam, Thevarattam and Kummi. They also enacted a portion from `Silappathigaram’, one of the five great Tamil epics. The students from Uttarkhand performed dances like Chhapeli, Bhotiya, Langvir and Ramola, displaying their traditional lifestyle. The students from Uttar Pradesh gave a visual treat of Sita’s `Swayamvar’, taken from Raamaayanam, one of the two great epics of the Hindu faith. The West Bengal team performed the traditional Bangalar Mati and Punnyo Hok.
Dr. Sekar Viswanathan, vice-president of VIT inaugurated `Aikya’ in the presence of Dr. Sandhya Pentareddy, Executive director of VIT. `Aikya’ was followed by a parade of all teams, as well as an international students’ parade.
Actors RJ Balaji and Priya Anand participated in `Sangamam’, a medley of cultural and literary events in Tamil
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