Riviera 2023

Riviera is the Annual International Sports and Cultural Carnival of the Vellore Institute of Technology. It is an International 4-day event that consists of sports competitions, social and cultural events along with concerts. The 2016 edition of Riviera witnessed a footfall of more than 30,000 students from over 650 colleges from across the country. It is organised primarily by the students of the college. It has a wide variety of competitions and events, which range from dramatic, literary, musical, dance, debate events all the way to informal events. It is usually held in the month of February every year.

RIVIERA - Inauguration Video | Photos

Day 1



Events schedule Marathon - Photos Thamizhi - Photos Pro show - Photos


Day 2




Events schedule Infusion - Photos Sahiti - Photos Pro show Day 2-Photos Pro show - Candid Shots


Day 3



Events schedule Aikya-Cultural Parade Photos Pro show day 3 - Photos


Day 4



Events schedule Valedictory Photos Valedictory Video Laugh with Akash gupta - Photos


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