8th National DNA Day Symposium Cum Workshop
May 15 - May 15

8th National DNA Day Symposium Cum Workshop

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A monumental accomplishment in the field of molecular science was the discovery of DNA and its structure. April 25, 1953 witnessed a breakthrough in the history of genetics as the article on double helical structure of DNA was published in Nature by Francis Crick and James Watson along with Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin. Consequently, in 1962, Watson and Crick jointly won the Nobel prize in Physiology or medicine. In addition, early April of 2003, marked the completion of the Human Genome Project, which helped depict the blueprint and genetic makeup for building a person. These discoveries was a stepping stone to understand the genetic basis of infections, their mode of transmission, control and treatment. To honor this occasion of ‘World DNA day’, the students of MSc. Biomedical Genetics are organizing the 8th National DNA day 2021. This event will be held on the 08th and 09 th May 2021. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for bright young minds to explore the exciting world of science.

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