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Bio-Inspired Design Fest 2019 (BIDFest 2019)
Mar 22 - Mar 24

Bio-Inspired Design Fest 2019 (BIDFest 2019)

  • 22 Mar 2019
  • SMV - 209 , VIT-Vellore
  • SBST, VIT in association with SBE-VIT & Biomimicry India
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Bio-inspired Design Fest 2019 (BIDFest 2019) is an occasion for celebration of intricacies of life and living forms. The living world had always offered efficient and sustainable solutions to engineers worldwide. Be it solving complex quadratic problems, making the Japanese bullet train literally noiseless or be it a shopping mall in Zimbabwe which is now saving 90% of its cooling energy. Biological world had offered engineers simple yet elegant solutions to each of their problems. Hence, BIDFest 2019 will host a Make-a-thon event in which the participants will try to solve concurrent industrial problems using tools of biomimicry and bioinspired design. The fest is a successor of two earlier fests that were overwhelmingly successful.