Ideathon - Drug Development & Delivery Systems
Oct 08 - Oct 09

Ideathon - Drug Development & Delivery Systems

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This ideathon is to be conducted in the area of drug development and delivery systems. The journey involved in drug development is arduous and would generally take about 10-15 years for the medicine to reach the marketplace. Only, approximately 10% of the drugs that enter the clinical trial stage make it to the marketplace. Hence, the attrition rate and the consequent risk-benefit ratio is exceedingly high from the drug developer’s pointof- view. Among the various challenges, poor PK/PD profile (poor bioavailability) is one of the major factors contributing to drug failure. This warrants the development of delivery systems that can confer selectivity to the target with minimal off-shore effects. Also, drug repositioning (testing of currently prescribed medicines for new indications) is yet another strategy that is continuously evolving as an approach for improving the efficacy and safety of the already existing armamentarium of drugs. This ideathon will provide students a forum to showcase their abilities in conceptualizing ideas as well as the development of strategies for drug development, including novel chemical entities. Also, this interaction will provide students an opportunity to come face-to-face with experts from Industry in the area of drug development and delivery systems.