Chenigma - Student Regional Conference 2022
Sep 09 - Sep 11

Chenigma - Student Regional Conference 2022

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The Student Regional Conference (SRC) is an annually held three-day occasion, hosted by an AIChE Global in each of the fourteen regions, based on topographical location. The intent of conducting SRC is to bring together various chapters to work under common interests, with the help of training workshops, competitive events and insightful seminars. It aims to provide a platform for the budding Chemical Engineers to interact with each other, as well as experts from eminent organizations/industry in the field, thus building essential workspace skills thereby building essential skills for the workspace. It is the perfect opportunity for students to showcase their talents and understanding regarding various topics related to Chemical Engineering. The winners in each category get to compete against the winners from the other regions in the Annual Student Conference (ASC) which is usually held by AIChE Global in the USA.

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